Loving Moment

Loving Moment

As many of you know, it is very difficult to feed Dindin. That is why it is no wonder why she is very lean, aside from of course, her regular work outs.

Anyway, today’s lunchtime was extra difficult. After taking three half teaspoons of rice with soup, she fussed. Because she was given a bottle of honey, I tried giving 1 teaspoon to her. Instead of swallowing it, she let her mouthful of thick sweetened liquid drip from her mouth to her clothes. I had to lightly snap at her mouth so that she will remember not to do that again.

But it was the beginning of a violent lunchtime as she cried and cried and as I tried to talk her, punish her, threaten her into eating. I know that we should make mealtimes more enjoyable for her, but I think that she had been far too comfortable during mealtimes. At least in the past, her minimum was 5 teaspoons, now after giving her 3, she would no longer accept food.

I think that is already unacceptable. She cried so hard to the point of throwing up because she was already coughing. But I did not budge and kept feeding her. I told her if she did not finish her food (which was just 1 Tbsp of rice in about 1/4 cup of soup), she will not get her bottle until nighttime.

I left her on the dining table with her Papa. After about 30 minutes, she was able to finish what was left in her bowl. Her Papa gave her a bath because I was too pissed to take care of her. She had a change of clothes as well because of the vomit on her clothes.

But because she did finish her food, she got her bottle. She also ate some cornflakes.

Afterwards, we played on the bed. While we were tickling each other, Dindin just rolled on the bed with her back towards me and kind of signaled that she wanted to be hugged and I did. Then she just blurted, “I love you…”

Hay…sometimes, even after a violent fight, the kid just comes back to me and hugs me or kisses me or says something to melt my heart.

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