Loving Mama Moments Photo Contest 1

Update: Loving Mama Moments Photo Contest Winners

Sample entry: Dindin was not able to attend her school’s Halloween party because she fell ill. She was sorely disappointed. So together with other moms, we arranged a simple Trick or Treat party so that the kids can wear their costumes. Dindin was so happy to be able to wear her Princess costume and get some treats, too. :D

In line with the theme of my blog, Lovingly Mama, I am holding a photo contest entitled Loving Mama Moments. Please take time to read the mechanics below. Mechanics: 1. Open to all Filipina mommies in the Philippines and abroad (as long as you have a Philippine mailing address). 2. Each mom is only allowed one (1) photo entry. 3. Send the entry to Lovingly Mama through email at sigroid75@gmail.com, with the title “Loving Mama Moments entry” on the subject line. Include your complete name, address, and a short caption/story describing your loving relationship with your kids. You can already start sending me your entries starting today. IMPORTANT: Since the theme of this photo contest is Loving Mama Moments, I encourage you to submit photos that tell a story, as opposed to ones that were taken at the studio. But if your studio picture is meaningful to you, then please do tell us the story. It can  be an old or new photo. :D 4. Accepted entries will be uploaded in a dedicated album at Lovingly Mama FB page. 5. Once uploaded, you can invite your friends to LIKE my page and then LIKE your entry during the contest period. They have to like the LOVINGLY MAMA PAGE for their LIKES TO BE VALID. The likes are considered as votes. Voting will end on December 27, 2013. Then I will lock the album to close the voting. Family and friends can like more than one (1) entry. 6. Criteria for judging:

a. Facebook Likes – 40 pts

1000+ – 40 pts 900+ – 38 pts 800+ – 37 pts 700+ – 36 pts 600+ – 35 pts 500+ – 34 pts 500 below – 28 pts

b. Relevance to the theme – 30 pts c. Visual impact – 10 pts d. Caption/Message – 10 pts e. Emotional/Cute/Kilig Factor – 10 pts Total points – 100 pts

7. Aside from the Facebook votes, the entries will be judged against the other criteria by my brother, pro-photographer Iman Dugeno of Iman Dugeno Photography. 8. Prizes. We will pick the top 3 winners based on the total score. Lovingly Mama will mail the prizes as soon as she is able. 9. The decision of the judge is final. Winners will be announced in this blog. And…ta-da!!! Here are the goodies at stake. :D

1st Prize: (1) Nido Super Mom 2014 planner, (1) fashion bracelet, (1) 250 ml Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, (1) Cetaphil antibacterial bar, (2) Drypers baby wipes 10 pc-pack, (1) Drypers Baby Shampoo, and (1) Dove Beauty Bar-small.

2nd Prize: (1) box Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer for Mommy and (1) Drypers Baby Shampoo for baby.

3rd Prize: (1) Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar and (5) Sachets of Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion.

49 Responses to Loving Mama Moments Photo Contest 1

  1. What a great idea mommy..:)

  2. Lennie G. Mungcal

    nice contest,. my daughter joined this, hoping she will win,.

  3. maricris abarabar

    joined, hope to win. nice prizes

  4. Cathlyn Joy G. Roman

    nice contest for all lovingly mother,. :-)

  5. WOW! will join for this!<3


  7. im still thinking about joining. lol.

  8. Bernadette Zareno-Balino

    Much that I love to join the contest, I’m not qualified because I still don’t have a child yet. Goodluck to all who had joined. Enjoy

  9. i will join,hehe hoping the lucky will be my friend

  10. wow,,nice contests..im sure many moms out there like this

  11. yna yns (@yns023)

    Super Nice Contest, If only my sister and nephew are still in the Philippines I would have submitted their photo too. I have a lot saved haha I already saw some of the entries and mommies are really creative. Good Luck to everyone who joined. Advance Merry Christmas guys!! ^^

  12. Goodluck to every Loving mommies! ;)

  13. Sheryl An Mungcal

    this is a very nice idea,. i joined,. hope to win,. :-)

  14. Theresa Cruz-Escaros

    I am planning to join. Will just look for our best photo.

  15. thank you for this give away, may God bless you more:)

  16. This is really a nice contest for moms and their kids. I’m still thinking if I will join. If not, I’ll make it a point to vote for the best photo. :)

  17. Sherry Ann gole cruz

    love to join

  18. Belinda Aguilar

    I want to join in this contest too..

  19. This is nice :) Love the prizes ^_^

  20. Theresa Cruz-Escaros

    I just sent an entry. Not sure if it’s too late to send an entry. Thanks!

  21. nice giveaway! your so generous!! :)

  22. julie ann Dolojan

    Done Hope to win..

  23. Goodluck to everyone who joined!

  24. I would love to join but I rarely join photo liking contest as it is quite hard to get votes. Well then good luck to everyone.

  25. love to join :)

  26. Photo contest, nice. I wanna join kaya lang 40% ang LIKES mahina ako jan hehe, oh well Good luck sa lahat ng sasali :)

  27. ariane may n. gamil

    I want to join and win this..truly for a MOm like me!

  28. Wow contest! will try to join, good luck to all who will join too.

  29. katherine cagampang

    love it nice giveaway…love also to join….

  30. what a great contest! I want to join.

  31. You’re obviously a Lovely Mom! :)
    Goodluck to all mommy!

  32. hoping to win too..;)
    thanks for this wonderful chance of sharing our greatness of bring a mother and of having a baby..

  33. Awesome Giveaway…Love to Join

  34. goodluck sa mga contestants

  35. Catherine De Guzman

    Amazing! Every mom is really a hero for their children. Thanks for the wonderful ideas and for sharing the part of being a good mom!

  36. hope i can join nice prizes at stake..:) thank for the promo

  37. wow awesome prizes.. but i can’t join that photo contest talo na agad ako sa likes.. hehe.. anyways goodluck sa mga sasali :)

  38. Hi sis,

    done sending my entry :) Hope to win :) God bless you and more exciting blog :)

  39. marjorie bisagar

    nice contest for all lovingly mother,.

  40. love to join

  41. Good Luck to us. Hope to win :)

  42. Such lovely prizes:)

  43. Good luck to us!

  44. love :D

  45. mary anne ramirez

    this is a nice contest. This will show the bond that we mothers have to our little babies. Good luck to all the participants.

  46. Arminda Puno De Leon

    So excited about the photo I sent. Hoping…praying to win this giveaway! Loving Mama you rock!

  47. Good luck participants!

  48. awesome prize! we haven’t tried Halloween party hope one day :)

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