Lost Some Weight Again

Lost Some Weight Again

Dindin lost some weight again because she got and is still sick. So here is a rundown of her record:

Tuesday, Dindin woke up with colds. I gave her extra doses of sodium ascorbate Vitamin C. Her colds continued until Wednesday.

Thursday, she woke up with a cough. I gave her a solution of water and Blue Miracle alkaline throughout the morning and she no longer had cough throughout the day.

Friday, her coughing became more frequent and it was dry, hard cough. She was really having difficulty coughing. But she continued to drink her milk and she even increased her milk consumption. That afternoon, we went to BREDCO port so that she could get a whiff of sea breeze because that usually does her good and it did. But that night, we did not get much sleep because she kept waking up, not really to cough but to fuss. She was simply not feeling well.

Saturday, we were all groggy from not getting enough sleep. Dindin’s coughing continued. We already gave her Salbutamol ampules that were nebulized. We prepared to go to her grandparents’ house in Tangub for an overnight stay. Her coughing continued. It was late afternoon when we got to Tangub. Dindin kept fussing. She wasn’t crying but was sort of whining. We also didn’t sleep very well that night. Because her situation was not really improving, we decided that we will not go to church Sunday afternoon so that Dindin can rest. After all, she will just continue playing and running around the church even if she is not feeling well. So we spent an extra night at Tangub.

Sigh, I had some money last Friday but it didn’t last long because of the medicines that we had to buy. Oh well, that is just something that we have to live with. We cannot go on getting secured loans because I would really want to be debt free already.

This is Dindin’s first cough and colds spiel for the year. I might as well record it.

We will get there.

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  1. Maricar

    get well budin… take your supplements and rest well ok? we miss you.

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