Long Weekend Break in the Suburbs

Long Weekend Break in the Suburbs

We are now here at my parents’ house in the suburbs. It is not so far from the city but quite far away from the busy life so that except for some private vehicles, the streets are not so busy, the air is fresh (mostly), and what we always hear are birds chirping, dogs barking, or chickens crowing. It is like living in the farm (or something like that). And the best thing is, there is a wide lawn that Dindin can run around in.

It is such a nice break here, considering that we have been cooped up for more than a month back home in the city (that is, after our one-week vacation). Sometimes, the city life can really get to you, so this is a welcome respite for all of us. Even just the sight of trees is a relief.

Tomorrow, I am pretty sure that we will be waking up early. I intend to let Dindin roam in the garden for as long as she wants, even if it is already late in the day. Then when nighttime comes, we will go to a Christmas display downtown. On Sunday, we will go buy some real pottery that she can play with. I need to think up of Girls games because she will be having a playmate tomorrow. Our godchild is coming over to stay with us for the holidays so Dindin has someone to play with.  And she is so excited. We have some vegetables growing in the backyard so these can be used as ingredients in their cooking games along with lots of water. haha That would be so much fun for the girls already.

Well, I gotta go now peeps. I promised Dindin that I will spend time with her playing with her girly games in the garden. 😀 God bless you all! 😀

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