Liking Mascots

Liking Mascots

mcdonalds mascot

Last January 5, we got invited to a birthday party at McDonalds. It was our first time to attend a McDonalds Kiddie Party and so it was the first time that Dindin “met” Kid McDo. I did not even know that there was a Kid Mcdo. All I know is that they have the mascot is Ronald McDonald.

But anyway, just happy to report that Dindin likes mascots. At least she has met Jollibee (photo below taken last Christmas, December 25) and now Kid Mcdo and she seems enthusiastic to see them.

What I am glad about this is that at least when the mascots appear during the party, she can still enjoy the moment and not hide or cry because of fear. I really don’t know why but at least we are happy that she likes them. On March, we will be celebrating her birthday at Jollibee courtesy of EQ Diapers and of course, part of the package is a character appearance so for sure, Jollibee or any of his friends would be there. So it would be nice if the birthday celebrator enjoyed her guest character right?

jollibee mascot

Above, Dindin tried to give a hi5 to Jollibee. 😀

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