Lessons for…from Dindin

Lessons for…from Dindin

The other day, we went to Mambukal Resort. On the way there, I thought it would be a good learning opportunity for Dindin, pointing out to her the sugarcane fields, the rice fields, and the big truck that carries sugarcane to the sugar central. We told her that sugar comes from sugarcane and it is what makes ice cream, cake, milk, and cookies sweet. And then she said, “Great!”

When we were nearing Murcia, I started seeing bridges and immediately pointed them out to Dindin. She can recognize a bridge in pictures but it is different when you are passing by them, especially the small ones. Since then, every time she would see those ledges at the side of the road, she would immediately say “bridge”, even if they are not bridges at all. Okay, that’s fine.

I thought of bringing the bridge lesson a bit further by telling her that whenever there is a bridge, then there is a river that flows under it. What Dindin asked back ruffled my feathers and gave me a nosebleed, “What about the stream?” Where the heck did she learn about the stream? LOL And how did she relate it to a river? Anyway, I just told her that maybe if it is a small bridge, then there is a stream under it.


2 thoughts on “Lessons for…from Dindin

  1. The Camera Bug

    hahaha…luma ka kay dindin…such a smart young lady… 😀 nice one din!

  2. pinky

    hahaha..way to go Dindin…ma google search manko sang river & the stream the goes under the bridge…might be of use when jam turns 2..hehehe 🙂

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