Leaving for Cebu today

Leaving for Cebu today

We are taking a vacation and we are leaving in a few hours. This is our first family trip outside the city. And this is the first time that Dindin will ride an airplane. So we are all excited!

Anyway, we are taking the Air Philippines flight to Cebu City. The flight was moved to 5:50PM so it will be pretty late when we will get to Cebu. But it is okay. At least we have some more time to prepare as my husband still has to finish some stuff.

I called up the airline to confirm the flight schedule and indeed that is the flight schedule. I asked if the infant has baggage allowance and they said yes. But I highly doubt this because the girl who answered me did not seem to know what she was talking about. I also asked her how much water I am allowed to take with us, as we have an infant and would need to bottle feed her. She said I could bring water but I have to check them in.

“What?? Do you mean I will not feed my baby the entire flight?” She laughed and said, “Ay oo gle no?” hehe Oh well, sometimes customer service people do not really understand why they are there. Or she must have had a long night because of the MassKara Festival happenings.

It was really useless talking to her. But I did not let that ruin my mood. I am in such a good mood today. Albeit tired, but in a good mood. So anyway, we will be taking our water and luggage and all later. It just sucks that our baby is not allowed baggage when her fare is more expensive than us. hahaha

After this leg of our trip, all our flights will be with Cebu Pacific. We will be going to Cagayan de Oro City on Saturday and will leave CDO on Monday. So we will be back here to Bacolod City by Monday late in the afternoon.

I will have lots of work to do next week, but that will be next week. For now, we will start enjoying! 😀

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