Learning to Spell

Learning to Spell

Last night I overheard Papa and Dindin talking. Then I heard something like this:

Papa: M-A-M-A is Mama.
Dindin follows.

Papa: B-A-B-Y is Baby.
Dindin follows.

Papa: P-A-P-A is Papa.
Dindin follows.

Papa: J-U-M-P is Jump.
Dindin follows.

Then out of nowhere, Dindin says, “D-Y-S = Dance!” hahaha Wherever did she learn that? Oh well, at least she got the idea that a combination of letters spell a word. hahaha


Here’s another one.
Papa: What color is Poochie? (a stuffed dog)
Dindin (quickly): Pink!

Papa: What color is Tigger?
Dindin: Orange!

Papa: What color is Elmo?
Dindin: Red!

Papa: What color is Dindin?
Dindin: *speechless…*


Dennis’ cousin Jeff was trying to sell shoes to him by showing him pictures and trying to encourage him through chat. Papa showed Dindin the pictures.

Papa: Do you like the shoes? Are they pretty?
Dindin: No!

Papa: Do you want Papa to buy the shoes?
Dindin: NO!

Te Jeff, wala ka benta e no? hahahaha

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