Learning to Hold the Spoon

Learning to Hold the Spoon

As if wonders will never cease…

I did not expect Dindin to want to eat by herself by this time. Yeah, she would grab the spoon in the past, like she would with other things, but only to play with them. But today, things are different.

The three of us were having our afternoon snacks when Dindin started fussing. She was pointing to the food we were holding and demanded that she tasted them (in baby talk, okay.) Then when I let her taste my fried lumpia, she liked it. But since I was watching TV and not paying attention to her, I finished the lumpia without leaving some for her. She cried.

Next she fancied Papa’s food. It was bitso-bitso. We just let her lick the sugar and then I would give her apple. This happened twice. Until finally, she cried because she wanted to hold her Papa’s fork. Of course, her Papa would not allow her. Then we could not comfort her. She demanded to have her own fork. So instead, we gave her a teaspoon. She was not contented with merely holding her teaspoon, she demanded that the saucer be placed before her and she started moving the food around with her teaspoon. Since her chair does not have a table, all the pancake crumbles landed on the floor, of course. She attempted to put the spoon in her mouth but she still could not coordinate her hands.

At 1 year and 9 days???

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