Learning to Doodle

Learning to Doodle

Every time Dindin went downstairs to the store, she would observe her Ang Kong (grandfather) write orders, price tags, etc. etc. When Dindin is there, Ang Kong is almost always writing something. Sometimes, she would be perched up on the counter and if she can grab a pen, she will also look for paper to write on. One time, she was given a pen with a cap. Instead of simulating writing on the counter, she looked for paper. She would not write on just any surface. It should be paper. But it is different with the magic slate, she writes on it, too.

There was also another time that Ang Kong gave her a pen and held her hand to guide her hand in writing. Instead of following, she pulled her hand away from Ang Kong’s grasp and took the cap off the pen. And then she started writing. This happened, if I remember right, when she was between 8 to 9 months old only.

Last night, she got hold of a pencil. Then she went around the living room, as if in search for something. I asked Dennis how we could take the pencil away from her because it is dangerous. Then I remembered, why not give her a piece of paper? I did and here is how she looked like on Ahya EJ’s desk.

dindin writing

Tomorrow, we will buy her study table already. We are starting to collect stuff for her nursery already so that her learning is continuous. By  the time she is 4, that is when I will get the curriculum for her homeschooling.

By the way, I just want to mention that this morning, we were through bathing her so I wrapped a towel around her. Then I told her Papa, “I like it when she is wrapped like that coz she looks like an infant. Infant Dindin!” Then she retorted, “Nge!” Ok, she’s no longer an infant. hehe

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  1. sansan

    hahaha wla ka na baby boots! kadasig magmature kay budin… it’s about time u give her a baby bro/sis 🙂

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