Not many of you know that we bought an LCDTV primarily for Dindin’s use.

That is because she usually watches her videos through her Papa’s laptop. But since the LCD of his laptop malfunctioned for one reason or the other (just after the warranty expired), we had no choice but to find a replacement. Otherwise, I could not work. And she misses her videos like hi5, Leapfrog, Elmo, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Ni Hao Kai Lan.

So we had to look for a replacement. Buying a new laptop is out of the question because we just could not afford it at this time, even if it was on installment. Way too expensive. Even an LCD replacement was just too expensive. So the cheapest and most workable option was to buy an LCDTV. We could have bought an LED TV at a cheaper price, but the problem was, we would need a DVD player for it.

So LCDTV it was and we bought a Coby and we are pretty happy with it. So at least Dindin has her own TV and she can watch videos while I work away. hehe

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