Last Day of Class

Last Day of Class

PhotobucketLast Friday was Dindin’s last DVBS day. There were two activities–the closing ceremonies in church and the swimming fun in Trinity School. We opted to just join the closing in church but we no longer went swimming because we opted to attend the birthday party of friend Isa that night where Dindin had fun decorating her cupcakes.

Anyway, Dindin played a lot but she would also join in the singing and dancing from time to time. They sang many songs and Dindin will just choose which part she will join. LOL See the photo below. The photo above is their class picture. I have to hold her so that she will not keep on running around while the photo session is in place. LOL Dindin had so much fun for the entire week! And she learned a lot, too, well at least, according to her.


6 thoughts on “Last Day of Class

  1. tejan

    hahhahha..ang cute naman ni dindin tingnan..ahehe, seems she’s really enjoying and participating! Thnaks Sigrid for the visit at my KID at mestizas and lara angelikka:) good day!

  2. laikka

    mabuti pa si dindin naka attend nang dvbs this year..wala man dito sis:I oh godbless! hugs! thanks for the visit!

  3. C5 @ C5 Says Again

    Takbuhan time na talaga for that age eh. ๐Ÿ™‚

    KID6 #8

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