Kidsville: Fun and Interactive Learning at the Weekend Souk at The District North Point

Kidsville: Fun and Interactive Learning at the Weekend Souk at The District North Point

As a homeschooling family in Bacolod City, one of the setbacks here is that we do not have a lot of support going around from organizations for special events, unlike if you are in Manila. So it had been an ardent pursuit for my husband and I to find the right venues for our kids to learn, to grow, and to let their talents shine. Where there is an opportunity and we are able to make it, we would surely be right smack in the center of it. Yes, we are intentional in our homeschooling efforts and we try our best to bring the world within our children’s reach.

Last Saturday, we were privileged to try out the first ever Kidsville, an interactive learning fair held at the Weekend Souk at The District North Point. It went for two days only–from August 15-16, 2015. It is their first run and Ms. Kitkat Cusi Lobaton of Gato Verde, organizer of the event, said that they are hoping to do this every quarter. This was organized with partnership with T-mato‘s (Teacher-Made Toys) Gretchen Varela and MM Cusi (Ms. Kitkat’s sister) And we were thankful, too, that despite the rains leading to last weekend, we were blessed with pretty good weather that day to be able to enjoy all the activities.

Dindin and Shane ready for an afternoon of adventure at the Kidsville at the Weekend Souk, The District North Point.

Kidsville Mechanics
Participants to the Kidsville are issued a passport with coupons that will allow them access to the different booths and do different activities. Each coupon costs P75, but if you buy four (4) or eight (8), you can get them at discounted rates. The different booths have their own displays and offer different activities for the kids. The kids usually get freebies with their coupons, such as the crafts that they made, while others may require additional payments for optional items. You also get to buy the different items displayed at the fair at discounted rates.

Dindin holds their passport to Kidsville prior to the tour. I could barely get them to pose for this picture because they were so excited already.

We started around 1pm, just after lunch, while there were not too many kids yet. I think we were among the few first customers of the fair. And it was great because I was able to take good shots without too many people blocking the view.

Dindin was able to take part in seven of the activity booths while we reserved our last coupon for the photo booth as a keepsake of our fun-filled afternoon. Shane just played mostly, went around for the interactive storytelling time, and joined in the fun during the junior firefighters time with the Chamber Volunteer Fire Brigade. But mostly, she just followed whatever her older sister did. Nevertheless, she had her own kind of fun and learning, too.

Here is our afternoon in photos at the Kidsville at the Weekend Souk.

Dindin started with coloring her own notebook made of handmade paper at the Cahiers et Creations booth. The notebook was her take-home craft. They sold stamps, handmade papers, and Papemelroti items at the booth.

Second stop was some educational play time at the Explorers’ Booth–an exhibit by SJI Ayala. They also sold educational toys at the booth.

Dindin then went on to draw a design at the Ink Creme booth. Told her that she can draw something and then we can have it printed on a shirt. She made a drawing of our family and it was print-worthy! We paid an extra P100 on the shirt but it was definitely worth it because the pride and happiness of seeing her work on print was immeasurable.

Dindin holds up her shirt while Ink Creme owner Jumpee Tipon shows Din’s original drawing. They did enhance it a bit. Dindin was so happy with her work that she showed it to the entire family and wore it the following day. The kids had the option to have their works of art printed on mugs or bag tags. Prices vary.

It was around 2pm when Dindin finished with her T-shirt design and the sun was high up in the sky so it was getting hot. We decided to cool off inside the Ayala mall with some refreshments. Mama and Papa also needed their afternoon coffee break. When we went back after about 30 minutes, there was already a significant number of participants in the fair.

The kids rested for awhile in this area before resuming with their activities.

Dindin performed a simple science experiment to create what they called a “Density Tower” at the booth of the Lamblight Catholic School. The assistants were young gentlemen who were very patient in explaining how the experiment was supposed to go.

Next stop was organic piaya making at the Fresh Start Organics booth with Teacher Eena Asparin. Dindin rolled and shaped the piaya using cookie cutters. I would just like to mention that Fresh Start piaya is oh-so-good!

While her hands were still itching to cook, we proceeded to the Tiny Baker booth next where she dabbled in Pancake Art. Dindin made a girl and a star. Well, that’s how she expressed her creativity.

Dindin and Shane then went on to have some interactive storytelling time at the Activity and Play Lounge. Dindin painted Noah’s Ark while Shane read through The Very Hungry Caterpillar story with a teacher. We paid an extra P20 for the materials, which were all worth it.

Around 3:30pm, the kids were told to pause what they were doing in order to gather at the center of Kidsville for an interactive storytelling time with Teacher Inah Cano of Activity and Play Lounge.

After the storytelling, the kids were made to attend a short lecture on what firemen do, their equipment, and what to do in case of fire, courtesy of the valiant men of the Chamber Volunteer Fire Brigade. The kids were then made to do mini fire fighter suits for the photo op. But with Dindin’s smile, I am pretty sure that she was enjoying every minute of it.

After the talk and the photo op, the kids were led to the parking area where the fire truck was parked. The kids were given the opportunity to hold the hose as they simulate firemen action.

The volunteer fireman was so nice that he even let Shane try and the little one was very eager to do so.

But perhaps the highlight of everything that the kids did last Saturday was their experience with the firemen–they got to ride crane and went high up in the air! Shane is pictured here while Papa was holding her! Look at the lamp post behind them. That’s how high they were!

Dindin got on the crane with another girl, too. ๐Ÿ˜€

There were free areas at Kidsville, too, like the Bounce area and the motorized cars. We let Dindin play at the Bounce area for about 10 minutes because she felt she had to because it’s there. haha We were already tired, but ok fine. There were still other booths but we chose the ones that gave the most value to our kids.

Hubby and I were so tired after going with the kids from 10:30am to around 6pm but it was time well spent. It was both a fun and educational time for Dindin and Shane and it was an experience worth sharing. Definitely worth coming back to when they are going to hold another Kidsville in three months.

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  1. Roselyn Dalman

    Hello, I am from Sipalay City Negros Occidental and would like to homeschool my 5 and 7 year old.. I am a Christian and I don’t want my children to be influenced by unbelievers all day long.. What school in Bacolod offers homeschooling and is it/are they Dep-ed accredited? How about their tuition fees? I a first-timer so there are lots of things i need to know about homeschooling…Thank you very much for your time…

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      Hello Roselyn!

      I contact directly. ๐Ÿ™‚ They are our homeschooling provider. Their curriculum is being used by some Christian schools here in Bacolod. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Hello Dear,

    This is my first time to homeschool my children… I hope you have time to help me on how to go about homeschooling the children…

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