Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

On obedience:
Dindin: Car, stop running!
Mama: Why do you want the car to stop running?
Dindin: Car, just walk!


On travelling:
Dindin: We’re going to New Yoorrkkk! We’re going to New Yoorrkkk!
Mama: No, baby, only to Cebu.

On American accent:
Dindin: Blow the sexyphone, Mama.


On asking help from Hulk:
Dindin: Hulk! Hulk!
Hulk (Papa’s voice behind Hulk toy): Yes, why are you shouting?
Dindin: Because I’m looking for you.
Hulk: Why? You need my help?
Dindin: Yeah. Dance ballet.

On girl’s play of boys’ toys:
Dindin lets the four Avengers characters form a circle and she sang:
Dindin: Ring a ring o roses, a pocket full of posies. A-ti-shoo A-ti-shoo they all fall down.

Then The Avengers fell down. Weeee


On modes of transportation:
Mama: Din, on Friday, you will ride the plane to go to Cebu.
Dindin: What’s a Cebu?
Mama: It’s a city like Bacolod. Then we will ride the boat to Ormoc City. Then we will ride a big bus to Tacloban City.
Dindin: I can ride the train, too.

Waaaaa Now she wants to ride everything. LOL


On a bruise on her leg:
I saw a bruise at the back of Dindin’s left leg, just below her bum.
Mama: Din, why do you have a bruise again? Did someone hurt you?
Dindin: Yeah.
Mama (alarmed): Who?
Dindin: The chair.

Wahahaha Her skin must have been pinched between her weight and her chair when she sat down. And maybe to reassure me, she added, “It’s not ya-yay anymore.” hehehehe

2 thoughts on “Kids Say the Darnedest Things

  1. The Camera Bug

    hehehe..dindin’s so cute! kun anu lang ya mapinsaran nya a.. 🙂

  2. Pepay

    Hahahahaha… Ahay a… Mag puli ko next time ma spend time playing na gid ko kay dindin… Para mka strya gd ko cya.. Ka dasig sa iya mag think… Lingaw! Witty gid… I like the chair part..haha…

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