Kids Drowning in the Washing Machine

Kids Drowning in the Washing Machine

I have read of reports before about young children drowning in an unattended washer, which is why I was troubled with these parents featured in the video below. This video was taken from the CCTV camera inside a laundromat.

These scared parents aroused the anger of many other parents around the world because of carelessness. But honestly, they were just probably playing. True, it may have been a bad joke, but hey, there are kids getting injured because of rough play with their parents. I also know of a child who slipped out of her father’s grasp while he was tossing her in the air.

Anyway, when the father put his child inside the washer and closed it, the washer automatically locked and the water started flowing inside. It was horrible!

So you see, bad things can happen despite being so careful. This is a lesson to many parents–let’s try to keep our kids safe always and not to expose them to practical jokes. Let us remember, toddlers still could not completely handle themselves so let’s protect them from things that can possibly harm them. Gee am I making sense? All I am saying is that we should avoid subjecting our young children to jokes like these.

I just don’t want to judge these parents.

2 thoughts on “Kids Drowning in the Washing Machine

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    That was so hard to watch I can’t believe such a thing happened. I can see where the mistake was made but there had to have been money put into the machine for it to have turned on.

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