Keeping Your Child’s Hair Healthy

Keeping Your Child’s Hair Healthy

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Dindin’s hair growth over the years. The photo on the top left was taken on her first month. The bottom pic was during her 11th month. The two photos where Dindin’s hair is already long were taken when she is already 3 years old.

Dindin was born with nary a hair on her head. If you can remember the former Senator Blas Ople, then you can imagine her forehead looking like that. When she turned a year old, her hair did not change much.

A lot of people suggested that I shave her head so that the hair will grow altogether and will look thicker but I refused because she is a girl and I don’t want to see her bald in pictures.

Eventually, I thought of trimming Dindin’s hair as much as I can. First I started with the hair at the back. I trimmed about an inch. The hair at the back grew longer in a short time but her bangs still looked cropped. So despite the very short hair on her bangs, I started trimming about 2 millimeters off it. It started growing!

So I got the idea that if I just religiously trimmed Dindin’s hair, it would grow longer faster and would appear thicker and more even. During that first year, I think I trimmed her hair every week. I would cut one area and do the other part the following week.

Until finally, Dindin’s hair looks like that in the picture above. I am happy that her hair has grown longer and thicker just because I kept on trimming it.

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