Keeping the Umbilical Cord in a Cord Blood Bank

Keeping the Umbilical Cord in a Cord Blood Bank

Technology is such that we can now store the umbilical cord of our newborn children in a cord blood bank.

The purpose of cord blood banking is anything but emotional, but rather more for medical reasons. This may be used in the future for treating diseases and immune system failures when the child becomes older or becomes an adult. These facilities for storing the umbilical cord have been developed in the 1990s because of the so many new diseases discovered and the scientific connection of cure from the umbilical cord that is cut at birth.

There is just so much mystery to that strand of cord that connects the mother to her unborn child while in the womb. It is the tube that carries nutrients from the mother’s body to the fetus. And now, science has proven that samples from this part may lead to the prevention and cure of many ailments when the child grows older. It is just amazing how God has created our bodies.

Anyway, here in the Philippines, I am not aware of any public cord banks. There may be private banks for cord life but I heard that it can really be expensive. And I am not sure of how secure is the storage, that it cannot be tampered with because we have brownouts and blackouts here in the country.

So it should not be a wonder to you if Dindin does not have her umbilical cord stored in anyway, except for the small dried remnant that fell off her bellybutton about two weeks of her life. My mother kept it in a bottle.

I am not sure when the cord blood bank would be fully operational and accessible to Filipinos. But it is indeed a wonderful opportunity.

4 thoughts on “Keeping the Umbilical Cord in a Cord Blood Bank

  1. Marither

    We stored Alexa’s cordblood when she was born. We went with a Singaporean company called StemCord who has an office in Manila. It wasn’t cheap but we feel secure knowing Alexa’s cordblood is stored in 2 separate facilities in Singapore. We’ll do it again for our next baby but it will be in Vancouver so it’s closer. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. admin Post author

      wow that is very nice mar! would have wanted it for dindin, too. ๐Ÿ˜€ but well. hehe

  2. Marither

    Maybe for your next baby Nang. It MAY be used by siblings and parents too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wouldn’t have known about it if my husband wasn’t so OC about preparing for the baby. He did all the research for me.

  3. Shengkay

    no Idea about it..pero may nabasa ako sa riverside ata yun..yung cord blood bank..pero hindi ko masyado pinansin..pangmayaman lang siguro yun..

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