Keeping Dindin’s Hair Healthy

Keeping Dindin’s Hair Healthy

Dindin’s hair is now quite long. Her straight black hair extends to the middle of her back already. It really nice and so people are already noticing. From being a bald baby, Dindin hair is like that of a little lady’s–all because of proper care and grooming.

So how do I keep her hair healthy as it is growing long? The biggest thing would be the regular hair trims I give her. She has yet to go to a salon because I cut her tresses at home. That saves me money and trips to the salon.

Looking back, I think that on the average, I do the trimming once a month. I do not cut long portions but rather really short ones. The average length is about 2mm every time I cut her hair. It is just enough to keep her hair healthy and do away with the split ends. But I do it often enough in order to make it grow healthy and be of the same length.

I don’t really use professional hair shears in the process because I don’t want to buy an extra pair. I use a regular pair of scissors that I also use to cut stuff in our room. hehe It is sharp and that is what I have. It still does the job so that is fine with me. Besides, Dindin isn’t complaining either. hehe

Additionally, I use an organic hair conditioner. I apply it only on the ends of her hair, which makes it shiny and easy to comb. So at least her long hair is not prone to split ends and other damages. I don’t put conditioner on the roots. I really don’t know if it is good or bad, but I just want to avoid putting things on the roots of the hair because that is alive. And if something goes wrong, hair fall may be inevitable.

So that’s it. That is how I take care of Dindin’s hair.

10 thoughts on “Keeping Dindin’s Hair Healthy

  1. rebeka deleon

    yeah my daughter’s hair is starting to get long, she is 2. i haven’t gotten her a hair trim yet and not sure when a good time to start is. maybe next time i get mine done, i will get hers done too.

  2. Huguette E.

    Great tips. I found my daughter’s hair would get taggled so fast. It was hard to keep it long.

  3. Cathy Jarolin

    Dindins Hair was well taken care of. With regular trims & the moisturizing of her ends..That did the trick! This is a Super tip to know!! :0)

  4. Jenn

    I would love to see a pic of this gorgeous hair… another way to keep it healthy is to air dry if possible and not use product unless necessary

  5. Jennifer Mae Hiles

    I have been wanting to switch all my beauty products to organic or natural. I’ve switched deodarant’s and absolutely love it (Toms of Maine). I would like to try organic shampoo/conditioner. Any recommendations?

  6. Michelle.A.

    Great tips! My daughter’s hair is very prone to breakage…I may start trying to trim it regularly to see if that helps. thanks

  7. cassandra

    I also have long hair, but I am really bad about cutting it or trimming it. I like that it is mentioned that just a little is needed to be trimmed. I say 2inch and they cut like 6inches and so its nice to hear someone else who is trying to keep the hair long say trim shorter length.=)

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