Keeping Dindin Healthy

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As many of you know, Dindin had been sick several times these past month. Thank God, it is almost a whole month now and she has a clean bill of health.

Aside from praying hard for her health and God’s provision, I continued to fortify Dindin’s diet. Here are her supplements:

1. Multivitamins – could be any brand, most of the time I give her whatever her Tita Doc Jen gives us.
2. Mineral pellets call Bioplasma – 1 pellet a day (sometimes I add one more but of a different kind)
3. Wheatgrass with honey – I put a small teaspoon of Wheatgrass in her bottle
4. Hi Bee – a bee propolis supplement that is concentrated. It looks like tincture of iodine but if you put a drop in some water, the water will turn like a milky state.
5. Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C – Most of the time, we use the Super C of her Auntie Maricar or at times we buy Fern C from the local drugstore.
6. Zinc Drops – At first it was PedZinc, as we got a sample from our pedia. But after we used it up, I give her eZinc, which is actually Zinc drops. I give her less than 1ml because I am a wee bit concerned about constipation. eZinc is also recommended for those with LBM so I just considered this fact.

And to top it all off, Dindin’s milk is Pediasure. They say that one bottle of Pediasure provides the nutritional requirements of babies.

These may seem a lot but we also have spent so much on doctor’s fees, lab tests, medicines and antibiotics, wasted foods and medicines (yeah, when Dindin spills them), not to mention lost time, work, sleep, and social life for all three of us. So, we want to build up her health and immune system once again, as we are due to travel in October. We want her to be physical ready and we want to make sure that her growth is not hampered.

toddler foods

Dindin at most times would eat a full lunch, afternoon snacks, and dinner. No breakfast for her. Just milk, about 10-12 oz of it throughout the morning.

More recently, I learned from her Tita Daphne that she mixes Cerelac in the bottle with the milk so that not only is the milk fortified, it can be a milk extender, as formula powder can really make a dent on one’s budget. So I tried it and we continue to do so during the day. To avoid making Dindin too fat, she is only given Cerelac-infused Pediasure during the daytime only, where she can still expend the additional calories. But she has obviously gained weight already after only a few weeks of taking this combination.

I also give her time to run around, sweat it out, play in the sandbox, sit by the railings at our home, go to her Lola’s place, go to BREDCO, or just play everywhere. I allow her time to spend with friends and all other physical activities. We sing, dance, prance, jump, play hide and seek, write, read, etc. hehe We take her out but we also make sure that it is not everyday so that she is not so stressed out and she gets enough rest.

So that is it for keeping Dindin healthy. hehe Look at our Megabox model now.

megabox model

By the way, I want to share this info that I got from about Hi-Bee Propolis:

Propolis has been used for more than 2,000 years to prevent wound infection and other illnesses. It is a resinous substance that is made mainly from tree sap which bees carry home in their pollen baskets. They blend it with wax flakes secreted from special glands on their abdomens.

Propolis is used to slickly line the interior of brood cells in preparation for queen’s laying of eggs, a most important procedure. With its antiseptic, this propolis lining insures a hospital-clean environment for the rearing of brood.

Function Propolis is a natural antibiotic. It works against harmful bacteria without destroying the friendly bacteria the body needs. It has also been proven effective against strains of bacteria that resist chemical antibiotics. A list of possible actions of Propolis includes antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral (including anti HIV-1 activity), antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, antithrombotic and immunomodulatory.

Indications and Usage

There is evidence that propollis is useful in:

* Anti-cancer activity
* Ulcers
* Infection of the urinary tract
* Eczema eruptions
* Swelling of the throat
* Pneumonia
* Gout
* Arthritis
* Open wounds
* Lung disease
* Sinus
* Congestion
* Stomach Virus
* Colds
* Headaches
* Influenza
* Parkinson’s disease
* Bronchitis
* Bile infection
* Sclerosis
* Gastritis
* Circulation deficiencies
* Diseases of the ears
* Warts
* Intestinal infections
* Hoarseness

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