Keeping Coins in a Real Piggy Bank

Keeping Coins in a Real Piggy Bank

piggy bank

A piggy bank from Insular Life.

As many of you know, Dindin likes saving money. When I started her on coin banks, she got sort of addicted to it that whenever she finds coins lying on our desk, she would surely put them inside her coin banks.

And today, we got this new piggy bank as a gift from Insular Life. It’s so adorable and Dindin loves it so much! She keeps on stroking the body like it was a stuffed toy. This gift was just timely because her bear coin bank is already full and her other Pooh bank is almost full. So we started putting money on piglet tonight. Dindin likes to call her bank “Piglet” and she would not want any other name for it. LOL

Dindin is very prudent with money. She hardly asks us to buy her anything. And she would rather save her money than spend it. hehe

Thank you Insular Life for this lovely piggy bank!

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9 thoughts on “Keeping Coins in a Real Piggy Bank

  1. ellen

    We should really start teaching our kids about the importance of saving, working and striving, and studying while they are still young. It’s so nice that Dindin takes delight in what you have imparted in her 🙂 You’ve done great sis 🙂

  2. The Pink Piggy

    Welcome to your new family Piglet! Mine is still inside the cabinet. The Pink Piggy still has space. She needs to eat more before my new piggy replaces her. 🙂

  3. Tina

    Its a good practice for Dindin to save money.. for me naman, ubos ang piggy bank ko sa mga kids ko.. waaaa baligtad! Time to make my rules na talaga…

  4. Divine C.

    I love that pink piggy bank. I can’t wait to receive mine too. Same as your Dindin, my little girl loves to save too. How I wish they will carry this attitude as they grew.

  5. Shengkay

    so cute!!! kahit naman ako nagagandahan ako sa kay piglet..
    that’s one thing i want iris to learn..maging prudent..

  6. Eileen

    This reminds me of my old ceramic piggy bank when I was a kid. I made sure that every week I dropped whatever was left of my lunch money in it. Nowadays the Little Ones prefer their coin bank to be Disney characters. I miss my piggy bank.

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