Keeping a Pet

Keeping a Pet

Keeping a pet is a great responsibility. But most kids like to have them and a lot of parents find it hard to decide if they should get a dog or not.

For example, a dog would need a bath, grooming, feeding, and of course, cleaning because like a baby, they pee and poo. There are many supplies available, like biodegradable dog poop bags, but of course, someone has to take care of them. And of course, we know that the kids could not handle dogs all by themselves.

Having a pet is a great decision to make. If there are not extra hands to help in the household, keeping a pet would mean a lot of hard work for the family members, especially the parents. For me, not having pets is just the the practical thing for me. We are allergic to the smell and the fur so we stay away from furry creatures as much as we can/

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