Just a Collection of Exchanges

Just a Collection of Exchanges

I know I have already published these before in Facebook, but I just thought of compiling them here so that I will remember.

1. We were at the Burgos Market one evening and Dindin saw a bunch of alugbati. She pointed to it and said “cilantro.” hahaha She knows that?

2. One day, I was really irritated and frustrated with her because she obviously does not want me to work. Whenever I would sit on my chair to work on my lappy, she would call out to me. So I asked her,

Mama: You don’t want me to work?
Dindin: No.
Mama: If Mama will not work, you won’t have dede. You won’t dede anymore?
Dindin: No.
Mama: Are you sure?
Dindin: Don’t worry about it.

ahhhh Does she really understand what she’s talking about?

3. I was working on my computer at another time when Dindin called out to me while running. So she was huffing and puffing. She offered me a spoon with imaginary food from her toy plate. I accepted it and said, “Yum!” Then I asked, “What is it?” Dindin replied, “It’s a spoon and a plate.” Sigh, why am I taking her seriously? hahahaha

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