Jollibee Launches 18th Maaga ang Pasko 2012 at SM Bacolod

Jollibee Launches 18th Maaga ang Pasko 2012 at SM Bacolod

Maaga ang Pasko

Dindin with the Maaga ang Pasko gift box and Christmas tree. ๐Ÿ˜€

In partnership with SM Supermalls, Pinoy food chain Jollibee held a fun and memorable media launch for the 18th Maaga Ang Pasko at the Activity Center of SM City Bacolod last October 25, 2012. The event was graced by a new batch of partner schools and companies from the region, Jolly Family Toy Scouts, members of the press, bloggers, as well as Jollibee executives led by Jollibee Area Manager for Bacolod, Manolo Pineda.

Maaga ang Pasko kick off

Maaga ang Pasko kick off. Students, companies, and families pitch in. ๐Ÿ˜€

Jollibee Maaga ang Pasko campaign is a special movement that has spread the holiday cheer among thousands of children all over the country. Throughout the years, the campaign has touched many people and organizations, thus enabling the movers to collect and distribute more than 1.8 million toys and books over. Last year alone, 102 partner schools and 62 partner companies helped to amass over 300,000 books and toys. Those who take part in this annual toy drive by Jollibee are known as the Jolly Toy Scouts. They have helped many less fortunate children have a more memorable Christmas celebration.

Values Award winner

Visayas Values Award winner, Ramos Family of Bacolod.

โ€œThere is no better way for families to bond during the Christmas season than by sharing their blessings and bringing joy to those who need it most. Through Maaga ang Pasko, we hope that families in Bacolod will also make sharing a part of their Christmas family tradition,โ€ said Jollibee Area Manager for Bacolod, Manolo Pineda.

face paint

Dindin’s butterfly face paint. Okay, she only had half her face painted. LOL

Dindin and I were so privileged to join this event, as this is our first time. Dindin enjoyed the activities they offered, such as face painting, photo booth, balloon sculpture, and games, but most of all, she got to pledge herself as a Jolly Toy Scout. She was able to see people bring toys and place them in the toy box on stage beside the big Christmas tree. But I believe that the most memorable part for her was the special number of Jollibee and friends. Dindin screamed with delight. She was heartbroken though, after they left. buhuhu I had been joking that maybe someday when somebody will ask her who her first crush was, I believe she would answer “Jollibee”.

Maaga ang Pasko

Mother and daughter had an early Christmas outing. ๐Ÿ˜€

The launch was able to gather new toys and books but the movement still needs more stuff. โ€œChristmas is the season for giving, which is one of the values that strongly bind our family together,โ€ said Mae Ramos, Values Awards winner from Visayas. โ€œWeโ€™re glad that Jollibee Maaga ang Pasko is always here to rouse the spirit of generosity among Filipinos, and weโ€™re honored to be a part of it.โ€

And it is in this happy note that I would like to enjoin you my dear readers, to contribute to this noble cause. You can just drop off your old toys and books at your nearest Jollibee store. Do your part to make someone else’s Christmas a happy one. ๐Ÿ˜€

A blessed Christmas to all of us! ๐Ÿ˜€

Jollibee and friends

A dance number by Jollibee and friends

Lunch at Jollibee

We had a sponsored lunch at Jollibee after the event.

photobooth pictures

Our silly photos. ๐Ÿ˜€


Dindin had a blast. Not only did she have a good time, she got a lot of loot! Thanks Jollibee and Tita Chele!

10 thoughts on “Jollibee Launches 18th Maaga ang Pasko 2012 at SM Bacolod

  1. Megan

    What a great event – I think I would have a crush on Jollibee, too – he’s cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Marthalynn

    What great pics! And such a wonderful charity. I think it’s so important to teach our children the value of giving to those less fortunate. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post!

  3. Melinda Peery

    It is always nice to share during the holidays Thanks to all of you who do that over the holidays to give to us less fortunate, ur a blessing to us.

  4. Lindsay Lee

    Wow what an awesome event!!! It’s so awesome that you and your daughter where able to be a part of this event! Your daughter looks so cute with her face painted!

  5. krista grandstaff

    What a nice kickoff to the holiday season… sometimes the best fun is when the kids get to experience it at the beginning… rather than the week before Christmas when it is so very hectic and you are dragging them out to have “fun”…lol..nothing less fun than forced fun!! I’m glad you had a wonderful day ๐Ÿ™‚

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