Jay Z and Beyonce Baby is Named Blue Ivy

Jay Z and Beyonce Baby is Named Blue Ivy

It is confirmed that Beyonce gave birth and Jay-Z‘s eldest child last Saturday, at the Lennox Hospital in New York. They gave her the name Blue Ivy.

There was high security at the hospital as the power couple rented the entire floor for $1.3 million. Medical staff on duty were signed in to confidentiality agreements and they were asked to leave their cellphones and cameras before reporting for work.

Beyonce delivered Blue Ivy via C-Section.

There are still rumors circulating that it was actually the surrogate mom who gave birth there and well, the couple and their families are just there to put up a show. I don’t know really. I am just reporting what I have read from different sources.

So it is up to you to make conclusions.

3 thoughts on “Jay Z and Beyonce Baby is Named Blue Ivy

  1. mama Post author

    there is really so much hype about her pregnancy. so showbiz, honestly.

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