It’s Amoeba!

It’s Amoeba!

Dindin started pooping with blood streaks and mucoid this afternoon. After the third poop, we had a sample sent to Jara Laboratory. But they said it was not enough. I believe they were just in a hurry because they were already. I could not blame them, they all probably had a long day. The doctor recommended to bring the next sample to Riverside Hospital because their laboratory serves 24 hours.

The next poop came at around 8pm. After washing her, Dennis was off to Riverside, which is only 5 minutes away from our home. He waited for the result of the stool exam, which took an hour. It was found out that Dindin has Entamoeba histolytica, both cyst and trophozoite having the same values.

Dindin was already asleep when the results came, so we just bought the medicine, which was Metronidazole Flagyl. But then, for the first time, she woke up and would not go back to sleep. We tried coaxing her to take her medicine but she refused. Finally, after almost an hour of cajoling, we just had to force it on her using a syringe. Thankfully, she accepted it, although with hesitation. She does not like being forced to stay still.

I am not sure how she got it, we also try to be careful. But I guess, we cannot really completely child-proof everything. ONLY GOD KNOWS why Dindin is going through all this. I just feel so sad for Dindin that she has to take all these meds.

So please continue to pray for Dindin that she will get well and take her medicines regularly without much fussing and throwing up. She needs her meds because the IV is a biggggg problem. And please pray for better health. Thank you so much!

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  1. raine

    hello! i was browsing the net for amoebiasis on infants and came upon your site…my 9 month old son just got diagnosed last week…just did your daughter overcame this illness? Thanks and Godbless

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