Is This Instinct?

Is This Instinct?

We know that many people at one point in their lives, especially when they were still young, had their share of getting money from their parents’ wallet. I did not. Because I got mine from the cash box in our mini store. hahahaha

Ahhh those were the days. But last time, I laughed really hard and rushed to get my camera when I noticed what Dindin was doing. She wasn’t 2 years old yet. I think she was around 1 year and 6 months.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw her take out my wallet from my hand bag that was hanging on the corner of our bookshelf. I let her be and just tried to observe what she will do with it. She ran to one corner of our bed and there opened her loot. Then as if she thought that it was too public, she ran to the other side of the bed where it was hidden by big boxes stacked on top of each other.

I really laughed because she does not really understand the concept of money and what it can do. Sure she puts money inside her piggy bank, but these are just coins. She must have thought that she found something forbidden in there. LOL It was good that what I had is one of those rfid blocking wallets so my IDs and credit cards are protected.

It thought that was just too funny to pass that I really put it in her photo album. haha What was she thinking then, huh? Maybe I will have my answer in a few years. LOL

I did not really tell her not to do it again because she did it out of innocent curiosity. Nor did she take anything out. There was no malice in it. So I could not really correct her.hehe

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    My nephew often asks me for coins to put in his piggy bank. I told him to save money so he can buy the toy he wants on his coming birthday.

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