Is She Chinese?

Is She Chinese?

Photography at the gate

Arriving one fine morning from an errand, I took photos of Dindin while waiting for Papa to open the gate.

Many people are really fond of Dindin that whenever we go out as a family, there are many people talking to her and just praising her. At SM, many of the sales personnel know her, in the toys section, the children’s accessories section…and…would you believe, the cosmetics section. And the girls there would gladly offer her trial makeup. Dindin just loves these times.

But if her Papa is not around, I would often be asked the question, “Is she Chinese?” or “Are her parents Chinese?” in Ilonggo, of course, and then I would just say, “Her Papa is.” Dindin’s Chinese mestiza beauty must pretty striking that people would notice her. And well, of course, they are probably thinking that I am the yaya. hahaha And before you say that maybe I am mistaken, one person went to the point of really calling me the yaya.

When I was watching over Dindin at the store, a salesman interacted with her. I just let them and eventually, he said, “Go to yaya na” referring to me. mwahahaha Well of course, not looking as Chinese as my mother and wearing puruntong shorts at the store got me that. mwahaha While it may be rude to assume that just because I am a Filipina, it is just worse because I just dress up in house clothes most of the time. Oh well. hahaha I just find that funny. And what I find funnier is the looks on the faces of people who eventually realize that I am the mother! mwahahaha I get evil satisfaction in that. hahahaha

I really don’t mind that. I have not been very queasy about how I look and how other people perceive me, so that’s fine. Just sharing that…well…it happens. LOL

Whenever we are together, Dindin would say, “Papa, Mama, and Dindin.” But for others who do not know us, then they are probably thinking, “Papa, Chinese Baby, and Yaya.” mwahahaha

16 thoughts on “Is She Chinese?

  1. Pinky

    oh..naka smile man ko bah.nice pose of Dindin & so cute sang attire ..very good gd si Yaya ..peace Mommy Boots! πŸ™‚

    1. admin Post author

      hhahHhahaha the yaya is very efficient. english speaking too. nyahahha

  2. Mommy jes

    araguy!! ahahahha ang cute!!! lol not the yaya part ha…but how you handle it! ;)) nweis ang cute ni dindin!! so kikay and laki n nya here πŸ˜‰

    1. admin Post author

      hahaha thanks mommy jes! im just fine with that. haha i’d like to think of myself as a cool yaya! hahaha

  3. Pink Thoughts

    She is definitely a head turner! πŸ™‚

    Yaya? Hahahaha… How much more ako Marz? David already told me that he wants his mama thin, not fat and he wants me to be beautiful always daw. Nyahahahaha…

    Thanks for faithfully joining and supporting Pink Fridays! Muah!

  4. katya kate

    Hehe so funny! I’m with you, permi man ko maalaan Yaya sang akon bata. Amo kun kis-a mg make up nlang ko gamay kun maghatud sundo para kung kis-a maalaan man nga mommy hehe. visiting from PF πŸ™‚

  5. Mika

    Ha! At first glance I thought they are twins πŸ™‚ She is pretty and her attire is so cute!

    Check out my entry , thanks!

  6. Jessica

    Dindin looks cute in her pink skirt, such a cutie :-), visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back too

  7. pepay

    bwahahahahha… that’s so funny nang… hahaha… important is it doesn’t make you less of a mother to dindin no matter what people would think of you… πŸ™‚ and dindin does not see you as a yaya but super love you as her mom πŸ™‚

    1. admin Post author

      ay huo gid. no matter what others think, for dindin, i’m still her precious mom, albeit not precocious hahaha

  8. tejan

    cute talaga mag pose si dindin;) hope you can visit my Erika’s first birthday bash:)


    I think it’s just rude when some people make assumptions. Better just shut your mouth so you’re sure that you’re not offending anyone.

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