IQ Testing in Bacolod City for Homeschooled Young Kids

IQ Testing in Bacolod City for Homeschooled Young Kids

What is your IQ? Photo from the internet.

We always knew that Dindin was smart. She is witty, quick to learn, and has quite good retention. She also challenges herself to learn something new and the things that she is interested in are not the usual things that young kids like. But of course, she also likes to play, dance, run around, and be silly, but sometimes, she can be a handful with so much stored energy.

Then a friend of mine (thanks Tita Pynky) suggested that I let Dindin take an IQ Test for kids to know her level. We thought it was a good idea because being homeschooled, Dindin has not undergone aptitude testings or entrance exams. We thought it would be nice to know her IQ level for our record.

Our objective in letting Dindin undergo IQ testing is just for our record. We didn’t have a baseline for her IQ and we didn’t have grades either. All we know is that she has above average intelligence. It was a very simple objective.

Then came the search for a psychometrician in Bacolod. Schools won’t administer without the recommendation of a psychiatrist. And of course, as they are also swamped with work, so they would rather prioritize their students even if you are willing to pay the IQ testing fee.

Dr. Joyce Magallon-Fernandez conducted the IQ Test using the Slosson Intelligence Test.

Thanks to the recommendation of Ms. Rose Jessica Octaviano of the Philippine Mental Health Association-Bacolod (PMHA-Bacolod), we were led to the clinic of Dr. Joyce Magallon-Fernandez, who just had the instrument to test Dindin. We set an appointment and we arrived there on the dot.

Dr. Joyce was nice, kind, and has a warm personality that I felt safe letting her administer the exam to Dindin. It was a one-on-one session. Only Dindin was allowed inside the room. I only asked permission to snap this shot while they were still filling up the personal information page.

Dindin with Dr. Joyce Fernandez during the test.

Dr. Joyce used the Slosson Intelligence Test for Children and Adults. The test took a total of approximately 40 minutes, which included the filling up of the personal information. I think it was rather long because from behind the curtained glass panels, I could faintly hear Dindin explaining her answers to the doctor. And this was confirmed by Dr. Joyce after the test. The doctor told me that she tested Dindin with questions until the age of 12 and she stopped there. There were wrong answers but she still had to tabulate the results and we were to come back and pick it up the following day.

The Slosson Intelligence Test

And so we came back the following day and picked up the results. Below is a copy.

Dindin’s test result.

So, ok, we have proven that Dindin is in the gifted range. What now?

Benefits of Knowing Your Child’s IQ
Aside from what the doctor and I discussed about, I went online and also did my research. And I am happy that I did. I did not regret our decision to pay P1000 for Dindin’s IQ testing.

Dindin has an official IQ score of 128 and her mean age is 8 years. But before I learned about Dindin being a gifted, I used to scold her for she can get so emotional at times and I do not have the patience to deal with it. She gets upset easily, even about the most trivial things. And it is quite difficult to change her mood. She is also very sensitive physically. For example, when she was younger, I would spoon-feed her. After several spoonfuls of the food, I would sometimes mix it with something else. She would feel it and then spit it out. When we prepare a glass of formula milk for her, we have to make sure that all the powder has dissolved. Otherwise, she would feel it, gag, and then throw up everything. And yeah, she can really feel those threads sticking out from her garments. She had also been conscious about color-coordinating he outfit from when she was only several months old.

As it turns out, “Although heightened sensitivity is rarely, if ever, used to identify gifted children in school, it is so common among gifted children that it is one of the characteristics that set them apart from other children. They may be emotionally sensitive, crying over what others considered trivial. They may be physically sensitive, bothered by tags on shirts or seams on socks. Psychologist Kazimierz Dabrowski called these ‘over-excitabilities’.” – from

Wow! This description is right on target for Dindin. Furthermore, the website said, “Many gifted children are intrinsically motivated, which means the motivation comes from within. They become motivated by interest and challenge.” This is so true. Dindin can study on her own, especially on subjects that she is interested in. Ever since she was a baby, we have bought many kinds of books. These are just on the shelves and the tables so she can easily read one if she likes it. And true enough. If something interests her, she will keep reading it until she has memorized the contents of that book.

The same is true about documentaries. Her Papa has saved many educational documentaries about a variety of topics in our media player and tablet that she can access anytime she wants to study. She is particularly interested about biology and surgery and even entymology.

So now, I am more patient with her. I am more understanding about her nature. My only wish is that we could have done this sooner.

Next step: Multiple Intelligence Testing (MI Testing)

Note: If you are interested in her services, you can visit Dr. Joyce Fernandez clinic at the 2nd level of the Hospital Avenue Diagnostics Center, Bacolod City. Their clinic is open from Mondays to Saturdays. You may call them to set an appointment at (034) 709-9500.



  • Many gifted children learn to read early, with better comprehension of the nuances of language. As much as half the gifted and talented population has learned to read before entering school.
  • Gifted children often read widely, quickly, and intensely and have large vocabularies.
  • Gifted children commonly learn basic skills better, more quickly, and with less practice.
  • They are better able to construct and handle abstractions.
  • They often pick up and interpret nonverbal cues and can draw inferences that other children need to have spelled out for them.
  • They take less for granted, seeking the “hows” and “whys.”
  • They can work independently at an earlier age and can concentrate for longer periods.
  • Their interests are both wildly eclectic and intensely focused.
  • They often have seemingly boundless energy, which sometimes leads to a misdiagnosis of hyperactivity.
  • They usually respond and relate well to parents, teachers, and other adults. They may prefer the company of older children and adults to that of their peers.
  • They like to learn new things, are willing to examine the unusual, and are highly inquisitive.
  • They tackle tasks and problems in a well-organized, goal-directed, and efficient manner.
  • They exhibit an intrinsic motivation to learn, find out, or explore and are often very persistent. “I’d rather do it myself” is a common attitude.


10 thoughts on “IQ Testing in Bacolod City for Homeschooled Young Kids

  1. Papa

    You forgot to mention her fascination of videos of surgical procedures. She even watched a brain surgery and a c-section procedure without feeling icky.

  2. Sammy

    This is a good way to understand your child, though I never really believe in “giftedness” as I’m a staunch believer of God created everyone equal and we all just have different strengths and weaknesses. πŸ™‚ But good job on the testing though, and quite an interesting topic. πŸ™‚

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      Oh that’s so true sis and we agree with that. That’s why we homeschooled so that Din will not be classified based on just academics. πŸ˜€ She can excel where she is more inclined to with the special trainings that we provide. πŸ˜€

  3. Claire (First-time Travels)

    Based on my observations of Dindin, she is indeed a gifted child. She has a strong understanding of things and she talks like an adult. It is good that you harness her gifts (including having her vlog!) and allow her to use them to her full potential. Keep it up Dindin!

  4. Dhadha

    Dindin is a smart kid gd. There are times na mag sturya kmi, feeling ko I am talking to an adult na. Haha. πŸ˜€

  5. WAHMaholic

    Nice Din! And good on you Mommy Sigrid for pushing through this testing, which allowed you to understand your daughter better. Hmm.. I wonder if we have psychometricians here… Thank you for the info!

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