Dindin’s first teeth cleaning with her dentist, Dr. Eltton Fritz Lim, of Comfydent Dental here in Bacolod City.

I am a stickler for dental health because I grew up with a grandfather who was a dental aid and who took good care of my teeth. He cleaned my teeth regularly but when it was time for a tooth extraction, he would bring me to one of his dentist-friends. After the extraction, we didn’t pay, but instead I was given money for ice cream. haha That is why I had such fond memories with dentists.

And up until now, even if I no longer have the luxury of time to regularly visit the dentist, the condition of my teeth may not be that perfect but they are not that bad because aside from brushing regularly, I use a mouthwash and floss.

So I want Dindin to have the same happy experience with dentists. I took care of her teeth because I did not want her to have cavities even with milk teeth for I know that rotten milk teeth will have an effect on the growth of permanent teeth. So I don’t want to risk it. Additionally, I don’t want her first visit to the dentist as one where she already has a toothache, because that would really be traumatic.

Last year, when we went to Cebu, we visited Dennis’ cousin, Dr. Lorraine Chu, who is a dentist and Dindin observed the cleaning procedure. She was three.

When she turned four, I thought that this was the perfect time to introduce her to her dentist. So two months ago, I went to Comfydent Dental Clinic here in Bacolod City because I was told of their child-friendly atmosphere. Comfydent Dental Clinic is owned by Dr. Dianne Lim and her brother Dr. Eltton Lim. It was my turn to have my teeth cleaned but I brought Dindin along and I requested if Dindin could also have a mock checkup. The doctor obliged and Dindin had a fun time so I thought she is ready. We were handled by Dr. Dianne that time. I decided to have her teeth cleaned before classes start.

And so her first real teeth cleaning was today. When we got there, I was told that there was a mix up in the schedule and it will be Dr. Eltton who will handle Dindin. I asked her if she was fine with it and when she said she was cool, we proceeded with the procedure.

It didn’t really take too long because Dindin’s teeth were not really very dirty. But she had to bite down a rubber thingy where the fluoride treatment was placed, and it was pretty hard for her because her mouth is sooo small. haha There were parts of the process where she was uncomfortable but the good doctor and his assistant were very reassuring so Dindin was able to go through with it. And after the cleaning, she was rewarded with a set of stickers of her choice. She was soooo happy.

I am glad that I worked this for Dindin so I am confident that there are no struggles with dental checkups in the future.

And one more thing, Dindin had been studying dental health from iPad apps, so she knows what to expect from her visit. This really helped her.

So I guess overcoming fear of dentists for children is not allowing pain to set in. Pain the precursor for fear in this matter. And also, it pays to find the right dentist who has child-friendly facilities so that their first visit would already be a memorably happy one. 😀

Note: Comfydent Dental Clinic is located at Malaspina-B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City. For reservations, please call 431-1131. And of course, they also cater to the young at heart. hehe

Taken during Dindin’s mock visit last April at Comfydent. Look at the colorful pillows at the reception area! Here with Dr. Dianne Margaret Lim.


  1. Dhadha

    Ang Comfydent gale for adults gd na sya? Or for kids lang? Or I might bring Kimy one of these days for cleaning. How much ila rate for cleasning sa kids? 🙂

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      Both adults and kids. But kids are as comfy as adults. 😀 Cleaning is I think P700. But we paid P1,200 coz we had fluoride application on Dindin. It protects the teeth. 😀

  2. Kristina

    Love the lims! They’re the best ever. Even here in the US I can’t find anybody like Eltton!!!!

  3. Pepper Tan

    You’re right- “Pain is the precursor to fear”. I guess that’s why I grew up thinking that the dentist was the Grim Reaper! Now you wouldn’t have to worry about Dindin fearing the dentist as she grows older. I wish we had Comfydent here in Manila.

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