Interim Vitamins

Interim Vitamins

From birth, we have been giving Dindin vitamin supplements because of her weight concerns and eating habits. The multivitamins (drop for babies and syrup for toddlers) at least help in providing her nutritional requirements.

We had tried Tiki tiki, Clusivol, Growee, Cherifer, Regiron Vita, and her latest was Propan TLC, which she took for about 3 months since November. I really thought that she had gained much weight already. But from the period of September 2010 to January 2011, which is about 4 months, she only gained 200 grams. She really controls her food intake and exercises regularly, as in many times throughout the day.

Anyway, she has finished 5 bottles of Propan TLC already and right now I am giving her Ener A Plus. I have four sample bottles from a pediatrician friend and I am going to let her take it. It will last about 12 days. And then I am thinking of shifting to Propan with Buclizine (which is really expensive) or just Cherifer. I am not sure yet.

I don’t want Dindin to become fat but just gain a little more because she is now pretty skinny. She gained 1 inch to her height and only 200 grams to her weight. She will be turning 2 years old next month and right now, she only weights 10.7 kilos. This figure is not even accurate, because I think there is a discrepancy in the weighing scale at her doctors’ office by 1 kilo. So she just might weight around 9.7 kilos only at 32 inches tall. hehe

Well that is my baby.

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