When Dindin was sick, she had to take Hi-bee, a bee propolis food supplement. During these times, she also watched a lot of the Australian children’s show, Hi-5.

One time, I was preparing her meal and so I asked her,

Mama: Din, what are you going to eat?

Dindin: Hi-fish.

After her dede:

Dindin: All done.

After doing something:

Dindin: I’m done.

Some of her questions:

Dindin: Where are you, Mama?

Dindin: Where are you, fish?


When she misses her grandparents:

Dindin: Tatay, Nanay, Zoe.


When she’s looking for something:

Dindin: Where’s?

While in Manokan, Dindin refused chicken inasal and rice. You know what she asked for?

Dindin: Fish….No. Fish.

Mama: Tickle Dindin?

Dindin: No.

Mama: Eat ice cream?

Dindin: Bo be. (I won’t.)


When she wants to read:

Dindin: Read ta…


When she dropped the shower head…

Dindin: Ay…sorry…

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