If I Can Just Speed Up My Due Date

If I Can Just Speed Up My Due Date

I am on my 29th week of pregnancy and my body is just feeling all sore and heavy. I can feel the weight bearing down on me and my movements are getting all the more difficult each day. If only I can just lie down and rest all day without a care in the world.

But of course I can’t do that because for one, I also get tired lying down for a long time. Secondly, I have work to do! I am care stay at home career woman with deadlines left and right, I have a four-year-old older daughter who is just starting school and who also needs special care, and I have errands to do, bills to pay, etc etc etc. Today, I spent my morning for the PTC meeting in school, then bought cellophane wrapper, wrapped her books, accompanied her to the birthday party of her friend, and then grabbed a few things at the grocery. There is just no one else to do this for me. Despite having a babysitter, I cannot trust her to do everything.

I feel so helpless. All these changes are happening inside of me. I cannot control my body. As I write this, my abdomen is feeling tight and rather painful. My back is sore. It feels like my tummy is pulling on back muscles and my back muscles are pulling on my tummy. My stomach is hyperactive and I can feel it moving like in digestion. My baby bump feels tight and hard. It feels a little short of having contractions.

Oh my God. I am always short of breath. Nine more weeks to my scheduled C-Section. It is still about 2 months to go. If I can just hasten the days or at least reduce my discomforts. I know this is only for nine months–temporary–but the pain is there and real each day. I am excited to see my baby soon. I just feel so helpless that I have so many things to do and I am in pain….

God…I just pray for comfort…Please…I can do nothing but cry…

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