As you advance in age, there are certain things in life that you cannot reverse or change, such as gravity pulling at your bosom or wrinkles screaming from your face. Your image of sexiness is no longer just being thin. You aim for health, strength, and speed, especially that you have to run after your young ones during the day and still have to work at night. And, needless to say, sexiness is now focused on how best to pleasure my husband *wink* *wink*.

Turning 40 this year was one of the best things that happened to me! Never felt sexier in this photo shoot. 😀 #gratitude #SigridSaysat40

There is one thing, though, that I would never compromise and that is cleanliness and hygiene.

The proverbial question would be, “What do you do 2x a week to keep you feeling clean and sexy?

My best answer for this would be to use BETADINE® Feminine Wash twice a week. Betadine Feminine Wash and I have gone a long way. I started using this when I was still single, after I was diagnosed with urinary tract infection (UTI). I wore tight jeans for too long and ended up with an infection. Aside from antibiotics, the OB-Gyne prescribed that I use the wash. That was how I discovered this product.

When I moved in with my husband after our wedding, one of the things I packed was a bottle of BETADINE® Feminine Wash. #IDoItTwiceAWeek

Since then, I never fail to have a bottle of BETADINE® Feminine Wash ready for use at home. That became especially important when I got married. Intimacy in marriage would not be as fulfilling and pleasurable if there are hygiene issues such as infection and odor. So yeah, #IDoItTwiceAWeek and after every contact so that bad bacteria will not proliferate in my most sensitive area. But when the calendar month turns red for a few days, using it becomes more frequent. It becomes twice daily.

It’s nice to get all dolled up like this from time to time. Moi with hubby while I was 16 weeks pregnant with our eldest daughter.

When I got pregnant with my two daughters, I had bouts with UTI during the last trimester, so BETADINE® Feminine Wash has really helped with my speedy healing. After my C-Section delivery, I was also washed with BETADINE® Feminine Wash at the hospital by the staff nurses while I could not yet get up and do my thing due to medication. And I continued using it as per doctor’s advice even after I was discharged.

During each of my C-Sections, I have been sedated for a couple of days that the nurses had to clean me up as part of their service. They cleaned me with BETADINE® Feminine Wash.

BETADINE® Feminine Wash has been part of a large portion of my life—from when I was single, to when I got married, and finally had kids. And I see it becoming all the more playing an integral role in my feminine care as I approach my golden years. While menopause may be a good decade away, it is coming. So I will be ready. Yeah, I rock the “Clean is the New Sexy” slogan!

I do not get caught with an empty bottle of BETADINE® Feminine Wash. #IDoItTwiceAWeek
Only a few drops are needed for each use. #IDoItTwiceAWeek

Other ways that I do to stay clean and sexy:

  1. Take a bath twice a day. This is a must for me. I cannot go out without taking a full bath in the morning and showering at night before I retire. We live in the city and the day’s pollutants can clog pores big time, so I definitely need a scrub down.
Feeling clean, fresh, and sexy after my bath. #IDoItTwiceAWeek
  1. Detox twice a week. Being in the media, we get invited to events several times a week and we eat many different kinds of food. To keep the colon clean, I drink any one of the detoxifying drinks and juices that I know of.
  1. Go on long walks. I would rather do this daily, but because of my hectic schedule, a twice a week thing is already good for me.
Fresh and ready to go. #IDoItTwiceAWeek
    1. Getting intimate twice a week. My husband and I are very affectionate people. Hugging, kissing, and snuggling are commonplace between us. But for me, there is nothing sexier than when your husband titillates your senses in the dark. So definitely, sexy clean is a most crucial during these times. And yeah, we try to have it at least twice a week when our “energies” allow. Hihi

About BETADINE® 7.5% Feminine Wash

– BETADINE® 7.5% Feminine Wash is a povidone-iodine-based medicated wash

– BETADINE® 7.5% Feminine Wash protects against feminine infections. Regular usage kills the bacteria, fungi, and protozoa that can lead to infection.

– BETADINE® 7.5% Feminine Wash relieves itching, discomfort, odor, or increase in vaginal discharge.

– BETADINE® 7.5% Feminine Wash restores the natural flora of the intimate area, leaving you feeling fresh and clean all day.

– BETADINE® 7.5% Feminine Wash is the most prescribed feminine wash by doctors to mothers after giving birth.

– BETADINE® 7.5% Feminine Wash is the number 1 in Liquid Anti Septic Feminine Wash Category.

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