I Miss You, I Miss You Not

I Miss You, I Miss You Not

cleft cuties

Our “super” family wearing Cleft Cutie statement shirts–a movement that give moral support and practical help to families with children born with cleft anomalies.

For several months last year, hubby and I had been known as the “bloggers na walang yaya“. Whenever we are invited to events, we have to lug around a 6-year-old and a toddler to our events because we have no one to leave them with during the day. Our part time helper is a full-time student during the day and she works to help support her education and her needs.

But each time we bring them, especially the little one, I would regret that we did because she has so many antics and unlike her older sister who we can tell to sit down only and stay with us, the little one will bend every rule in the book and challenge authority. I would always tell hubby each time she acts out to “remind me to leave them at home next time”. But we would still bring them with us, because we also would like them to be educated about behaving in public. However, if we do not know the organizer personally, I would have to leave them at home and hubby would opt to stay with them, just so I can concentrate on covering the event.

The fact is, I also miss them so much, even if I would be away from them for just 2 hours or so for every event. When the event is over, I don’t linger around–I hurry up so that I can go home as fast as I can. And also there is that worry about what the kids are doing, were they able to eat, take their vitamins, drink their milk, wash their hands, and all kinds of concerns that only a mother can think of. haha Well, ok, not all moms are like that but I am that kind of mother.

And sometimes there are events where we can already bring Shawna, after all, she’s already 7. But if the little one can’t go, we feel bad for her so we end up leaving the two behind. I know that it’s okay– that would be Shawna’s experience with us, but we also would like to be fair as much as we can.

Sigh. I can miss my kids so much but sometimes when their “kakulitan” becomes unbearable, I would just like to close the door and leave them behind, while they are screaming at each other’s faces.

But such is the beauty of motherhood–filled with bittersweet moments that make life interesting. And while I am not the motherly hen kind of mother, I do my best and I would not trade this experience for all the excitement that I had when I was single. I did not regret my decision to get married to my loving husband and be a mom to two smart and beautiful daughters. At the end of the day, I can only thank God for my family.

About Expo Mom

Mommy Mundo Expo Mom

Mommy Mundo ExpoMom is happening on June 25, 2016 at The District North Point.

Now on it’s 9th year, Expo Mom remains faithful to its vision of being the source of parenting trends and information, the wellspring of modern mommy products and services, and the launch pad for exciting campaigns, inspiring movements, and groundbreaking ideas. It’s no wonder then that it is the longest running mommy event, consistently bringing the biggest gathering of moms year after year. And this year, they are having one in Bacolod

By being conscious of the different stages of motherhood and supporting the needs of moms at every turn, Expo Mom remains fresh and relevant.

Expo Mom was first launched in 2008 with the vision of becoming the ultimate trade expo of mom and baby products in Manila. It proved to be more than a shopping event as it featured interactive exhibits and onstage activities that gave life to the essence of motherhood as well. In 2009, it celebrated a mother’s multi-faceted life by staging Expo Mom 2009: A Day in the Life of a Mom. Visitors were not only treated to a series of enlightening talks and workshops, they also took home the Expo Mom Daily Planner Pad to put order to their hectic days.

In 2010, Expo Mom recognized the growing “mompreneur” movement in the country by running with the theme, The Mompreneur Market. As word of the valuable knowledge and practical finds to be found in Expo Mom grew in the mom community, mothers from other parts of the country asked when they’ll get to experience this exhilarating event. So in 2011, Expo Mom went nationwide, taking the leap to Davao and Cebu after its stint in Manila.

Expo Mom then shifted gears as it attempted to explore the mommy mindset. In 2012, it showcased the best of modern motherhood as it paid tribute to the hands-on mom, tech mom, fit mom, Earth-loving mom, babywearing mom, breastfeeding mom, belly blessed mom, and the mompreneur. In 2013, Expo Mom recognized what everyone knew in their hearts to be true, Momtuition and in 2014, it affirmed the awesome things that moms do every single day with its theme, “You The Mom!”

Last year, Expo Mom gave birth to another groundbreaking initiative when it facilitated an online workshop that encouraged moms to formulate their mission in life. Expo Mom’s Mom Manifesto campaign was like a breath of fresh air for moms who were caught up in the busyness of their everyday lives. The initiative encouraged moms to live more meaningfully by living mindfully.

This year, Expo Mom celebrates every stage of mommyhood with The Motherhood Journey, here in Bacolod City.

For more information, visit www.mommymundo.com/expomom2016

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