I have a toddler now

I have a toddler now

I do not exactly know what a toddler means. I thought the toddler stage starts at what most people call the “Terrible Two” but what I would rather christen as “Terrific Two”. Why not? It is just a matter of perception and I would rather brand my daughter as terrific rather than terrible.

Anyway, since Sunday, Dindin and I had been walking around. As in, I hold her by the hand and she walks like reallllly fast. And I kept thinking, do I really have a toddler now? Is time going that fast? Or it is just that Dindin is developing fast?

I cannot help but feel overwhelmed. I am both happy and wondering what the next step is. It seems that I have to come up with something new each time to keep her occupied and learning. Her motor skills have tremendously improved. She joins us in wrestling in the bed and in tickling each other (as in the three of us simultaneously tickling each other.) Sometimes we would both tickle papa, or papa and mama would tickle Dindind, or Dindin will go to and fro between mama and papa while tickling them at the same time. She can appreciate the monkey bars since 9 months. She can roll over at 4 monts, sit upright at 5.5 months and stand up in the crib while holding the rails at 6 months. At 10 months, she can stand up for several moments without support.

We do not force her to do these things, but she seems bent on doing what the adults are doing. Because the adults are standing and walking, she desires to do those as well and if we stop her, we find ourselves grappling and struggling to keep her safely in our arms. It is no-win situation.

Now, do I have a toddler already at 11 months?

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  1. pp

    great! i like that idea. why not huh? i mean why should we really label our kids, terrible when we can call them terrific?

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