School is in full swing.
Keep kids strong and healthy
with these tips.

Mott's ambassador Janice Villanueva
Always pack a healthy meal for your kids. Pictured here is Janice Villanueva–Mott’s Mompreneur Ambassador and founder of Mommy Mundo.

The back to school high is waning as students have already settled in their respective schools, with classes going on for several weeks now. By now, the everybody in the household has gotten used to waking up early in order to prepare the kids for school, hurrying them along so that they will get to their classrooms before the bell rings.

Kids start early, face a mentally grueling day in school, brave the traffic, and get home late but they still have homework and projects to take on. Because of all these everyday stresses that our kids have to face, parents naturally want their children to stay strong and healthy in school. It is every parent’s desire to give everything to their children so that they are best prepared to face daily challenges.

How to Keep Kids Strong and Healthy

1. Healthy habits. For your kids to stay strong, parents should train their kids to develop the right habits. They can start with establishing a daily routine. This routine should be kept even when there are no classes. If the kids are allowed to just do their own thing without a routine during the summer, they will find it difficult to adjust to the strict schedule requirements in school.

2. Sleeping time. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep in getting us ready for the new day. There should be a comforting sleeping routine that everyone should follow to make things easier for the whole family. After dinner, let the kids rest a bit, take a shower and change into night clothes. Then you can read a story, pray together, and give the kiss. That should help them settle down after a day full of adventures.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast. In the morning, one of the most important preparations in going to school is eating a hearty breakfast. A good morning meal will give the children the right amount of fuel to be strong in school. They will have the mental energy to accomplish difficult lessons and still have the physical energy to perform other extracurricular activities. A good meal is also fuel for the emotions–giving them positive vibes to make new friends and be generally in a good mood.

What makes for a hearty breakfast?
The are many great breakfast choices for the family’s nourishment and enjoyment. The traditional Filipino breakfast calls for fried bangus or tocino or longganisa paired with garlic rice and fried eggs. There are also pancakes, bacon, oatmeal, cereal, sandwich, or arroz caldo with tokwa’t baboy.

Complete these meals with the nutritious goodness of Mott’s 100% Apple Juice.

4. Supplements. Choose a good brand of vitamin supplements for your kids to augment their diet. I do not really stick to one particular brand. Rather, I rotate the different brands available in the market today.

5, Pack healthy snacks and meals. When we just give money to the kids, we are not sure about the things that the eat in school. But if you pack snacks and lunches, you know that you are giving them only the best.

healthy lunch box
An example of a healthy snack box.

Mott’s 100% Apple Juice
Mott’s is the No. 1 brand of apple juice in the United States (source: IRI, Calendar YE 12.25.16). It contains 100% real fruit goodness with added Vitamin C to boost your child’s immune system. Mott’s does not contain artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. And the best thing is, it tastes good!

By giving Mott’s 100% Apple Juice with a healthy breakfast, the kids get a strong start for their day.

Mott’s is available in 32-ounce and 64-ounce PET bottles for sharing with the family. You can also buy it in convenient cans so that the kids can bring them in their lunchbox.

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