How to Cure Hiccups in Infants

How to Cure Hiccups in Infants

Wet paper on Shane’s forehead during a hiccup stint.

My baby Shane always has the hiccups. For whatever reason, she would suddenly launch into these tiny sound effects. It is quite cute actually, the way she does.

I am not surprised anymore because even when she was in my tummy, she would get the hiccups several times a day. You would really see my baby bump moving and jerking and it was quite uncomfortable.

Now that she is already one month old, it persists. Before feeding, after feeding, before crying, after crying, before burping, after burping, during a cough, etc etc. For whatever reason. I did research about this and it seems there is really nothing wrong with this, except that it can get annoying for them. But Shane doesn’t seem to mind. One of the ways to end the hiccups is if I let her latch on my breasts. After a little while, it will be gone.

But one of the age-old remedies to hiccups that people believe is effective is the wet paper. I first heard this from my mother and she said it was good to put wet paper on the baby’s forehead. I have seen her do it when my younger brother was a baby. And I have seen other mothers do it. Now, my mother in law has reminded me about it. And whenever Shane is with her when the baby gets the hiccups, you would surely find a paper stuck on the baby’s forehead. I think it is a Filipino thing.

That’s fine with me because it’s just water and paper. I have heard of others use saliva and that one I would not approve. Although my husband and I do not believe in the so-called “therapeutic” properties of this practice, it is fine with me as long as there is no unsanitary practice or spiritual connotation to it. I think it is harmless, so that’s fine.

Have you also done this with your child?

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