How to Create More Space around the Home

How to Create More Space around the Home

Our living room could really use some de-cluttering. While it doesn’t look like that anymore, we can still throw away some stuff. hihi

Most people want more space around their home. Some people will renovate or even buy a bigger home to achieve this. But there are less drastic ways to create more space.

Clever use of space will give you more living area in your home. Here are some smart ideas for you to try.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Clutter

Getting rid of anything you don’t need or use will automatically free up more space around your home. De-clutter your home, one room at a time. Have a garage sale to sell off everything you no longer use and make some extra cash as well creating space.

Choose Furnishings Carefully

Choose your furnishings carefully. Go for a few larger pieces rather than fill your room with lots of smaller ones. Look for furniture that functions as storage as well, things like ottomans and beds with build in drawers. Check out for space enhancing furniture options. Be purposeful about how you furnish your home and only buy things that will add value to your space.

Avoid big bold patterns and furniture that is bulky, like couches with overstuffed arms. Streamlined furnishings will save space and look great.

Use Vertical Spaces

The vertical spaces in your home are the most under-utilised areas of the whole home. Use this space to hang shelves or to hang art. Using vertical spaces will draw the eye upwards and create more of a sense of space.

In the kitchen you can use vertical space by installing up to the ceiling cabinets. Avoid making the area look too boxed in by using lighter colours as well as glass for higher cupboards. You could also buy a pot hanger and hang pots and pans from the ceiling. This will have a rustic feel and will also create space in your cupboards.

Hang your flat screen television from the wall to save the need for a television stand or entertainment unit.

Smarter Storage Options

Large deep drawers are replacing cupboard space in modern kitchens. They are much easier to access and you can see everything at a glance.

Add hooks and shelves to the inside of doors where you can. This largely unused space can be used for storage. Good storage shelves in your garage can almost double its storage capacity. Use small nooks in kitchens and bathrooms for shelving.

Create a Portable Cleaning Kit

Make a kit with all your cleaning supplies that can be stored in a cupboard under the kitchen sink, but can be easily transported around the home. This will save space in your bathroom and laundry cupboards.

Add the Illusion of Space

You can make your home appear bigger by maximising light. Let in as much natural light as you can. Install curtains or blinds that allow you to use the whole window space, so that if you pull back the curtains or open the blinds they do not partially cover the window. You can also use well placed mirrors to bounce light around the room and make it appear bigger.

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