How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner

Ever since I can remember, like when I was a kid, I have always asked myself why there is dust. If there is no dust, I won’t have rhinitis and I would not have to sweep the floor everyday. Now that I am married, the effort is double because the kids and my hubby also sneeze when the dust is building up. A no-brainer work but it can get tiring and boring, too.

The best thing to use for this purpose is the vacuum cleaner. It cleans without letting the dust fly up and irritate your nose further.

Simple vacuum cleaners can be purchased from discount stores for almost nothing. If you’re looking into higher-end models, however, you’ll want to give the process a little more thought; sophisticated brands can cost a pretty penny. Here are four things to consider before committing to a new vacuum.

1: Know Your Needs
How plush is your carpet? How big is your home? How long do you expect an average vacuuming job to take? Your answers to these questions will determine what kind of engine power you need in your vacuum.

2: Pick A Style
Household vacuums come in two major types. Uprights are pushed, their suction coming from the bottom of the machine in a fixed, unmoving bar. Canisters are pulled by their hoses, their long, flexible nozzles manipulated by the cleaner at will. Neither of these models is the “right” kind; which you like best will depend entirely on your personal preferences.

3: Give Yourself A Price Range
Think about more than just the cost of the vacuum itself. You’ll be buying bags on a regular basis; what kind is recommended for your model, and how expensive are they? What about vacuum parts? Are replacements readily available or would you need them special ordered?

4: Decide Your Decibel Tolerance
The sound of a vacuum cleaner is measured in decibels (dB). The smaller the number, the quieter the machine. Those with sensitive hearing should look into vacuums in the 60dB range.

These are just four ways to decide on your next vacuum. Good luck! Happy cleaning!


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