How to Bring Kids to a Family Dental Appointment

How to Bring Kids to a Family Dental Appointment

Next week, if we have enough budget for it, we are going to set a dental appointment. It has been several years already since we last visited the dentist and that is not a healthy thing to do.

Before Dindin came, my husband and I went to the dentist at the very least once a year. But I guess it is already time to find a family dentist who will also take care of Dindin’s teeth.

We would like to take Dindin with us so that she will see what kind of a person a dentist is. We would also like to take her while she does not have cavities yet or does not need a tooth to be extracted so that she will not be traumatized or associate pain to the visit to a dentist.

So next week, we will really make time for this. We should set aside half a day (including the waiting time at the dental clinic) and the budget to do this just so we could have our teeth cleaned and also so that we can invest in Dindin’s awareness of properly taking care of her pearly whites.

This visit is going to make a dent in our pockets because as we all know, it is not cheap to have teeth cleaning at the dentist. I sure hope that our dentist friend is using discount dental supplies so that her services will not be too expensive! And well, I hope she gives us a discount and will also play with us as we teach Dindin the value of taking care of one’s teeth. 😀

Tips on How to Bring Your Child to a Dentist

1. Make your child aware that there are different kinds of doctors and one of them is a dentist, or a tooth doctor. Tell them what a dentist does, but if you can, just leave the painful details out.

2. Teach your child that a visit to the dentist is a good thing and that you all need it to keep your teeth clean and strong. They should also know that it is part of being healthy.

3. Do not use the word “dentist” to scare your child or to keep them from eating sweets. Use a different disciplinary approach for that.

4. Schedule a family dental appointment. If possible, make it a time to have your teeth cleaned. Do not have major procedures done so that you child will not be scared. And do not have procedures where you will have to squirm and shout from the dental chair because you are in agonizing pain. That will leave a lasting mark on your child’s memory and subconscious.

5. When I was a child, I got an ice cream and a prize money from my grandfather (who was a dental assistant). So a dental visit for me was associated with bravery, healthy teeth, and special treats. Your reward may not have to be that, but at least you get the ideas.

Hope these tips will help you get your child to be comfortable with having to go to a dentist.

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