How To Believe

How To Believe

Last Sunday, we inflated Dindin’s pool so that she can swim in it. She is definitely improving with her interactions with water. You see, Dindin doesn’t like the water that is why taking a bath is such a struggle.

When we first put her in the pool, she just stood there and refused to sit down. Eventually, she “decided” to sit down, but that is because it was her decision to sit down. After some time and the water was already a little deeper, she decided to get on her hands and let her body float. I showed her that she can go around her pool and she did, too. But she has to make that decision for herself. Anyway, here is a video of her in the pool, singing some familiar songs, including “How to Believe” from the Tinkerbell video.


While we were on our way to visit a friend’s house, we opened the car windows and allowed the summer air to come in. And well, that saves us on gas. Since the subdivision was covered with shrubs, Dindin heard something.

Dindin: What’s that sound?
Papa: That’s the sound of the car. (We could hear the car vibrating because the car stereo was off.)
Dindin: What’s that animal sound? (Obviously, Dindin heard something else from outside).
Papa: Oh yeah…that’s the sound of the cricket.

Hihi dare to argue?


While we were at Nanay’s house:

Dindin: Did you hear that?
Mama: What?
Dindin: It’s Zoe….(referring to the dog, Zoe, who was barking at that time.) hehe

Dindin has the habit of picking up small things that she must think as litter on our floor or bed. Sometimes these are really small things and then she would give them to me so that I can dispose of them properly.

Dindin: Mama… (she gave me something).
Mama: What’s that?
Dindin: It’s hair. (true enough! It was a strand of stray hair lying on the bed! LOL now who is OC?)

You might remember that she feel asleep after swimming at the Water Garden pool. When she woke up, the band that Teletech hired for their summer event was playing disco music. As she got up, Dindin said:

Dindin: This is so much fun. (so much gid ya?)

I was giving Dindin her bath this morning when I started soaping her with a bar soap. Then she asked,
Dindin: Soap…
Mama: Here is the soap, I am already soaping you.
She pointed to the shower caddy above her and said,
Dindin: Different soap.

Where does she learn these different vocabulary? We are not even teaching her. hehe Smart kid!

Mother’s Day is happening soon so people are on the lookout for the best Mother’s Day Gift. It is also gonna be Teacher Appreciation Week. So what are your best gift ideas? For us, we will just take my parents on a picnic. After all, my husband’s parents are away so we would not celebrate the day with them.

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