How Sons and Daughters Should Become

How Sons and Daughters Should Become

inspirational poster

An inspirational poster about living and parenting

My husband shared this poster on his wall and took the liberty of copying it. It is just so true and I am inspired so I am sharing it with you. I took the liberty of typing the words below so that you can easily copy it and share.

We need to teach our daughters the difference between

A man who FLATTERS her
and a man who COMPLIMENTS her

A man who SPENDS MONEY on her
and a man who INVESTS in her.

A man who views her as PROPERTY
and a man who views her PROPERLY.

A amn who LUSTS after her
and a man who LOVES her.

A man who believes HE is GOD’S GIFT to women
and a man who remembers a WOMAN was GOD’S GIFT to MAN.

and then teach OUR SONS to be that kind of man.

3 thoughts on “How Sons and Daughters Should Become

  1. nancy

    I received the same email as well some weeks ago. Ba’t diko nga pala naisipan i blog yun? 😀

    1. admin Post author

      ah hahaha oo nga moms. you should 😀 but anyway, you can copy the text part naman e. took the liberty or typing it na lang hahaha

  2. EJsmom

    this is nice… inspiring message 🙂
    that’s why it’s important for dads to model such a man to his daughter and his son 🙂

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