Household Chores: Sweeping

Household Chores: Sweeping


Snow! The flowers of this tree are falling all over Dindin like snow. Weeee!

Though it took a lot of effort in our part to relocate temporarily at my parents’ house in the suburbs, it is actually a welcome change. A change of scenery for my husband, myself, and Dindin.

Part of my goals of living here, aside from eating healthy and getting some exercise, is to expose Dindin to housework, such as planting, weeding, watering the plants, sweeping, washing clothes, ironing and the like. I dunno, it seems that I just couldn’t find the opportunity at my husband’s house (obviously, we don’t have a house of our own).

While we work hard to afford some privileges for her, we don’t want her growing up like she was immune to housework.

And today, she already started without my intentionally doing it. You see, I sent her out to the garden to play. Then I saw her playing with the fallen flowers of a fruit tree called “green tambis”. She played under the tree and we pretended it was snow, weeeeeee! I left her to just play there while I took a bath. But after my bath, I heard her call out to me and when I went out, I saw that she was already sweeping the yard with her playmate, Manang Lianne. Awww… I thought it was lovely.

Sweeping the yard with a friend.

We do not punish her with work and so she thinks that work is something that one just does and that it is actually fun. Well, more things to do around here in the coming days, Din!

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