Hot Momma!

Hot Momma!

I have always wanted to be a skinny person. I dunno, I wanted to be waif-like, like the sickly look of Kate Moss. haha Sick, right?

But no, I have not been anorexic or bulimic–I could not get myself to do it, although I did consider it because I wondered how that happened.

When I became a mom, I was still able to lose weight. I went down to 105 lbs in just a few months, from 142 lbs when I was about to give birth (delivery room weight). But now, on Dindin’s second year, it seems that I can no longer control my weight from going up. And it keeps going up like I dunno, weekly? Daily?

Right now, I am on a diet, my third day, and I hope to be able to carry this through and not reach the point where I have to adapexin-p in order to lose these unwanted poundage! Ugh! This is tough! I hate dressing up because nothing seems to fit me at all!

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