Hot Blooded

Hot Blooded

At night, we turn on the aircon in the room for a few hours until we get to sleep. When the timer automatically turns off the aircon, we let it stay off until it gets really hot inside the room. There is no cross ventilation in our room and our ceiling is low so it can get pretty hot, even if it is not in the summer months.

Sometimes Dennis and I can just stand not having the aircon on because there are really times that the weather is cool and with the fan on, we are okay with it. But for Dindin, it just isn’t enough.

It will get to a point in the night when she would fuss and toss and turn and we would know that she feels hot because if we turn on the aircon, she will stop and go back to sleep. Gee…Actually, when you touch her head, it is sweating and really hot. Her body does not sweat but her head can get really hot.

And even when it gets cold and we already have our blankets on, she would be the only one on our bed who is not covered and sometimes she would even open her shirt to reveal her tummy! Thankfully, she has not really suffered from colic.

I remember that ever since she was young, whenever we would put a blanket over her, she would toss and turn until she removes the blanket (and she does this even when she is asleep!) Her grandmother would often argue with me that babies should be wrapped but what can I do, even in the nursery where they gingerly wrap the infants with cloth diapers, she manages to let our her feet and arms. I think that no matter what kind of blanket we give her, even if these are Sferra blankets, she would get to a point when she will remove them. But she does have one good use for blankets–she hides under them when she is playing hide and seek! hahaha Peek-a-boo!

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