Homeschooling in Bacolod

is growing!

homeschooling in Bacolod moms
Mommy Laksmi, Tracy, and I were being interviewed by host Iel Bardenas during the Expo Mom 2017 event by Mommy Mundo at The District North Point.

Here in Bacolod City, the number of homeschooling families is growing, but it’s still not significant to make a dent in the system. But we are just glad that we are already making ourselves known to the community.

Last month, three homeschooling in  Bacolod mommies– Laksmi Martinez Flores, Tracy Villanueva Divinagracia, and myself, Maria Sigrid Dugeno-Lo, were guests in a mini talk show at the Expo Mom 2017 held at The District North Point. It’s an annual event organized by Mommy Mundo— a place where mommies converged, have, activities, check new trends, and hear about some issues closest to their hearts.

homeschooling in Bacolod moms
After the talk show.

We talked about our individual journeys in homeschooling our children, including the benefits of that homeschooling has brought our families. We have kids of varying ages and we are at different stages of our classes. We also have different homeschool providers so we were able to give valuable insights to the audience.

We are still not that many here in Bacolod, but we are thankful that many people are learning about us. The purpose of our group, the Bacolod Homeschoolers Network when I started the group, is to mainly link homeschooling families in the Metro Bacolod area so that we can have regular activities that will build our children up. It is also our aim that our group will become a cooperative where parents of different skills and talents can impart what they know to the group. Plus, it is a venue where we find encouragement, motivation, and help in the challenges that we face each day.

homeschooling in Bacolod moms
Our #TeamMom after our pottery making activity at Brgy. Pahanocoy, Bacolod City.

But aside from our activities, we also want people to know that in this corner of the world, a number of families have already chosen homeschooling as an alternative to traditional schools. We found this an effective way of educating our kids. This awareness, we hope, will help people understand about the choices we made for our children.

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homeschooling in Bacolod moms
The Expo Mom 2017 was also a bonding moment for homeschooling moms. Here with Mommy Mechelle Ibarreta and Jireh Poquita, who also talked about breastfeeding.
homeschooling in Bacolod mom
With my Marz Pynky — another homeschooling mom.

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