Hepa A Booster Shot

Hepa A Booster Shot

Today, Dindin got her Hepatitis A Booster shot at P1,700. Her basic immunization requirements are now complete. Our pediatrician said that if we want, we can have the 13-strain pneumonia shot at P4,500 or the flu vaccine as additional immunizations. She suggested the pneumonococcal booster shot because we did not let Dindin have the 3-dose IPD vaccine. Not only was it expensive (3 shots = P10,500), we also want to limit the number of vaccines that go into her body.

The doc said that if there are no outbreaks, she would not recommend the vaccine for meningitis. So Dindin’s next vaccine would be the MMR Booster shot when she will be 5 years old. Yippee! Now we can concentrate our expenses on her milk and her other needs.

We weighed her today: she is now 12 kilograms and stands 34 inches. Thank God she is improving. 😀 By the way, her milk now is GainPlus because of the AHA and the ARA content. These are reportedly good nutrients for brain development. We had been using it for three days now and even her bowel movement is not difficult anymore. We had been giving her prune juice to ease her bowel movements, but even then, she could still get constipated. But for two days now, she had very little difficulty doing the natural thing.

She gets two bottles of GainPlus mixture each day. The rest of her consumption is a mixture of Alactagrow and Cerelac Rice. That is just because Alactagrow is much cheaper and Cerelac is packed with calories. hehe Thankfully, Dindin is responding well to her milk.

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