Helping with the Jigsaw

Helping with the Jigsaw

I really like doing puzzles. It could be any puzzle, crossword puzzle, boggle, scrabble, and jigsaw puzzle. I like stimulating my mind to think. But despite liking puzzles I can do without them. If they are available, then good. If not, I am still fine. If ever, I contended myself with doing online word puzzles and online jigsaw puzzles that can be played for free.

I have never bought a jigsaw puzzle in my life. Then Tita Pepay had one time had an FB status inviting people to join her in doing a 1000-piece jigsaw. Wow, I got tempted. Hehe When we were at SM last time, I saw a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle on sale. The image was a painting of woman in a long dress bespeaking of a bygone era (probably in the 1800s) who was standing in front of an open refrigerator. It was a kitchen scene. It only costs P100. Needless to say, I bought it. It is a large format puzzle that would take up an area of 18” x 24” when assembled.

One day, I took out the box of puzzle pieces and laid them out in the living room center table. I thought that it could contain the entire puzzle.

Would you believe, Dindin helped me? She helped turn the different pieces of the puzzle right side up. Then she would run along and play and come back to help me again. When lunchtime came, Papa Dennis joined me. Dindin would check out our work, get a piece and give to her Papa and me and also get some pieces for herself. Sometimes, she would get some pieces and drop them intentionally on the floor. Then she will pick them up and give them to us. When we get to drop the puzzle pieces, we also let her pick them up.

puzzle 2

Eventually, even Lucring joined in. So there were 4 of us working on the puzzle already. While our heads were bowed as we worked closely on the puzzle, Dindin just went around us and entertained herself. At one point, she already needed her bottle so she came up to me and said, “Mama, dede na.” That was the only time that she asked for attention. And I readily gave it to her. She had waited enough.

puzzle 3

The next day, we were able to finish the puzzle. Dindin was kinda happy when I showed it to her. She was carrying her scepter that Tita Pepay gave and it seemed that she just waved her hand and the image formed. It was magic! 😀 Now I found another thing that we can do together—JIGSAW PUZZLES! hehe

puzzle 1

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