Heavenly Relief from a Maternity Support Belt

Heavenly Relief from a Maternity Support Belt

Me at 34 weeks pregnancy with my maternity support belt.

Since 30 weeks of pregnancy, I have been starting to have contractions. It got worse on the 31st week, accompanied by slight spotting. On the 32nd week, mucus with blood streaks kept coming out everyday. And the contractions got stronger, it was getting more difficult to get decent rest, backaches and all other aches are prevalent, and I felt like my previous uterine incision as well as my cervix are being sliced. It was a terrible feeling!

On top of that, I was worrying that my baby would come out premature. Aside from the health complications and the hassle, I am also thinking about the costs. I, along with family and friends, kept praying for the health and well-being of my unborn child and I. My OB-Gyne prescribed Isoxilan (Isoxsuprine hydrochloride) three times a day to relax my uterus but the contractions continued. I was really getting scared. I have been staying home and mostly in bed at this time because it is just too early for baby to come out.

Then all of a sudden, like a flash of enlightenment, I thought of a maternity support belt. Early in the morning, I asked online friends if they knew where I could get one and I was told that it is available at SM and at Mercury Drugstore. Since it was a Sunday and hubby was going to church at Robinsons Place, I asked him to check out Mercury Drug. And they do have the Medica Pregnancy Support Belt for only P234.25. It has velcro straps at the back for easy attachment and removal. It is also easy for me to adjust the tightness.

The packaging of the Medica Pregnancy Support Belt available at Mercury Drugstore.

I don’t really put it on tight. It seems that I don’t even stretch the garter when I wear it, but it has given me so much relief from the back pains and the uterine pressure. Baby doesn’t move so much anymore, like she was having difficulty. I can sleep better and I am also pretty mobile now. I still don’t go out of the house to do errands, but at least, going to the bathroom or getting food from the kitchen are not tedious chores anymore. Hubby is happy because he says that I am now always smiling. That is because I seldom feel pain at all. And I feel less stressed.

I immediately felt relief in the first few hours that I wore it but I waited for several days to write this review so that I can really prove its efficacy. By the way, I wear it on top of my clothing now because I don’t pull it tight so some of the velcro touches my back and it can get itchy. It is fine with me because I just stay home anyway.

So I guess if you are having premature contractions and pain in the lower back due to heavy pregnancy or previous C-Section, then this belt is for you. It is cheap and the comforts it can provide, as well as the possible emergencies it can prevent, makes this a really valuable buy. I love my maternity support belt! I wear it all day and all night now. I just move it up when I need to pee so that I can expand my bladder and when I take a bath. Otherwise, it’s just there! I love it!

3 thoughts on “Heavenly Relief from a Maternity Support Belt

  1. Mitchteryosa

    These days, conceiving is no longer something to be afraid of. You have all the support and technologies to make the whole milestone lighter and convenient.

    How far are you na nga sis?

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      34 weeks as of the moment. Yeah we need these “supports” because we all work so hard…

  2. Jennifer Aguirre

    Thank you for posting your actual experience despite all the agony. I will remember to buy one for my next pregnancy and take a photo of my big tummy too! ^_^

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