Health Updates

Health Updates

Hi everyone!

Just an update for you. My last painful attack from my hospital release was around 1am of December 29. I used up 3 ampules of painkillers just for the pain to go away.

And then guess what?

Since then, no more pain. So last Friday, January 2, I asked my attending physician if I can have my IV tube removed already. It was supposed to be replaced, but since I haven’t had pain in a week, I asked permission if I could have it removed so that I will have more freedom to move around. Doc gave the go signal, had the IV removed, and voila! Still no pain ever since.

I can only thank the Lord the and prayers of faithful family and friends. Miraculously, I just didn’t feel pain anymore. I am not sure if the stone is still there, but I am pretty sure that I have not yet excreted it in my urine.

I called my urologist this morning and asked if I could stop taking the prescription medication for urolithiasis and he told me okay, but he recommended another KUB (kidney, ureter, bladder) ultrasound, just to know where the stone is now.

But I am thinking of foregoing the ultrasound, after all it is no longer causing pain and I don’t have problems with urination. At least that could save me some money, because we already spent a lot at the hospital and with my take home medication.

For now, I am back to work and very busy working, doing my work, and covering for my hubby’s work at the store.

Gotta go now! Thank you all for the love and support! 🙂 God bless you all!

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